Events for Miners, Explorers and Citadel Managers

So far we have events that are centered PvP and Skill Points but what about events that are centered around Miners and Explorers?

Such events would drop Agency Boosters for mining yield, range and decreases in mining and strip mining laser cycle time boosters along with dropping mining drones that would have better attributes than the TII version, maybe even a combat version of mining drones based on being able to change their configuration that would allow them to switch from mining to combat like a TIII destroyer.

Exploration events would include booster drops for probes and scan functions, a configurable exploration ship BPO similar to a TIII destroyer dessie and for the first time a module that is able to probe down ship wrecks but is only able to be used on the new exploration ship.

Then of course there should be events centered around Citadels as well that would drop boosters that the Citadel operator could use to boost any number of modules fit to their citadel.

Refinery events for refinery specific boosters would also be another interesting event.

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Mining and exploration, sure. Citadels - probably not.

This is a module to be made for the Noctis only!


well this would be the worst way to introduce this… other than legacy there is no reason probes shouldn’t be scanned down

CCP is making ore scarce. They will not boost mining in any way or form, especially not in ways that boost mining for literally everyone in the medium term.

No point wasting time on this.

ooooooh is that what you call moving all ore types in major quantities into HS

Spod, crokite, sylvite, bitumen (or something like that).

But not all ores. Or have i missed something?

every single ore (not moon goo) can be found in HS moons.

i just sold a moon that was over 60% ark

Damn. I can’t even count how many of these ive done and apart from one which had plag in, it’s been spod and crok everytime.

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that’s odd. i seem to find a pretty even spread. I’ll send you a map i have of a system if you want to confirm for your self.

what bugs me is that WHs have identical moons to HS from C1 all the way down to C6. CCP could of at least added a chance for second level moon goo. ore maybe added wh gas to some of the moons

could have*

Btw, you mention ALL THE ORES, but fail to mention how tiny these amounts actually are, compared to the amount of miners who look at empty belts. I have mined at moon rocks in high sec as well. I call bogus on your claim, or you intentionally worded it this shitty way.

Even IF all null sec ores can be found in highsec, they can not all be found everywhere, making your fake argument moot and you a phony.

Daichi … please confirm that this map actually exists. I want to see it myself. Even if it is true, though, he seriously exaggerates. What a bear…

I’d be surprised if he was bull shitting. Such that i wasn’t going to ask for it.

What region is it? Maybe different empires get different ores. If you want to send the map I’d check it out.

they are not set up by region. all moons in each empires space is the same. i sent you a link that has two systems moons scanned

go survey Ossa VIII - Moon 2 you will find 60% to be ark

any .5 system and there are plenty of those

considering they haven’t done anything to increase the scarcity of ore and have only added more it does not

In a progressive environment such as Eve Online all aspects of game play must progress to new levels or heights that create the need to learn more skills to become an Apex Capsuleer. Those who fight the progress because they are already at the top of their game and merely want to sit on their laurels are at best what is called…an entry in a historical documentary.

What are NPC miners and where do the complaints about them come from?
What about the narrative that pirate factions are in need for more ore as well?

And again … you are telling me that all the nullsec ores are to be found in every 0.5 system.


you want to talk about not being in every system… and it’s stupid easy to get rid of the FOBs there are pleanty of guides that show you how to solo them

that’s just an un reasonable expectation. however yes there are a good deal of them that have all. It is still far more ore than used to be in HS so no CCP is not making ore more scares

Cool… please upload and share the map you have! : D

It was what you said, btw.
Seriously though… gotta look for such a map.

i said every ore can be found in HS moons and that the spread of ore was pretty even