Is there a reason on why there's only combat boosters?

not complaining on those, good stuff (if a bit expensive). but i was chewing on the horrible rewards from Resource Wars and other LP stores and got a sudden realization.

we have mining bursts and implants, we also implants for exploration and even trading. but there’s no boosters for those activities. well consuming drugs to get better buy/sell orders sounds weird but i was talking more about something like boosters that help with things like range, yield or cycle time for mining lasers or scan strength, scan deviation, virus strength, salvage chance or cycle time of salvagers for exploration equipment.

is there an official statement on that or is just that they hadnt thought of it? because they could be a proper addition to say, Resource War LP stores or SoE LP store (apart of being an isk sink).

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I may be totally wrong, but I think lorewise the booster enhance your connexion to your ship.

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To truly boost any of these activities the boosters cost would have to be low enough or the effect long enough to make it cost effective in the first place. Most combat boosters are NOT cost effective in terms of duration but are effective in boosting a fit to win a fight.

Boosters related to PvE ironically wouldnt be feasible. PvE activities are time based, the longer you can do an activity the more isk you gain, while PvP is the opposite you want the fight over as fast as possible.

Of the only activities I could see would be exploration. Something like a quick injection, and long cooldown, for a single hack. Something that would be balanced by the drop itself if you now what it is youre hacking to win or gain advantage in a losing hack and would have to be reasonably expensive in this case. So virus strength or coherence possibly.

But for mining no, you dont need boosters at all.

Sort of, they affect a pilot’s mental abilities which drive information paths to and from the ship. Same as implants, but only temporarily.

Honestly, if anything, it might be the fleeting nature of combat that would lead to use of temporary , but potentially, dangerous drugs. Though, I wouldn’t mind seein some other booster types. The problem is the drawbacks, what would makes sense, and what would be used?

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Mining booster.Viagra!?!

well from looking at ingame the combat boosters have a 30 minute duration (and the biology skill addes extra time per level so its even bigger, i think).

so i dont see what would be the issue. if anything, getting shorter cycle times for mining lasers on a long period like that one would be beneficial.

as for exploration, could see the fast injection for data/relic stuff but the scanning ones could have that long duration, at least to allow for finding stuff faster (including when hunting people with combat probes).

hmm … using the new cheap boosters may be useful for pve vs burners, also I thought there as an exploration-specific booster now ?

If you make PvE boosters cheap enough with enough reward and zero drawbacks, as the only drawback for some combat boosters is side effects and for the rest zero but cost and time it means that this becomes the standard that all players must use then in the end and it becomes power creep.

Now a Mining/hauling booster that increases shield/armor hps or resists for a short period with a drawback of something to stifle some gank attempts might work. Or else the opposite it decreases hps at the stated expense for a longer duration.

The scanning one I can get behind entirely actually.

Yet a straight PvE booster buff I cannot get behind. Theres gotta be some serious drawbacks here or else it just becomes the standard usage booster that everyone has.

I was planning on doing some testing with the antipharms, then CCP removed the supply. +8% tracking + tank for a hour for a million or two probably would have been worth it, but I never got good numbers on that. now that they are 10m+ each well I’m not throwing them away for missions.

I’m still interested in the new agency boosters the 5% damage one specifically, going to track the price over the next few events, if it becomes available for under 4 mil then it would probably be useful, Never really stuck under 5mil last event. The hardshell looks pretty cool with shield and armor bonuses which would be great as I use a bunch of ships that use different kinds of tanks, but that’s not really an area that has a lot of problems. Then the speed boost of Overclocker is probably a bit too niche.

Mining boosters I’m not against them on principle, but I don’t really see a wide need for them either. Something like a drone speed booster would be a buff to rorquals, carriers, and VNIs. A pure mining amount booster would either get used by many, or very rarely depending on strength and availability.

Maybe a drug that increases strength of mining bursts? something that helps incentivize group play.

Same, I think that tanking boosters are useless against most burners, agents are either capstable (serp/blood) or long enough to kill it several times (three other), more tank would not help that much. Indeed tracking bonus would help , but more important DPS bonus would help more, I think I could go below 4min for agent blood(cold).

The only case tanking boosters would help is vs base serpentis. even vs base blood the DPS would help more. Actually I would still prefer the speed bonus rather than tanking bonus for the talos.

There are two options:

  1. booster is too expensive to be profitable. Then nobody uses it.
  2. booster is cheap enough to provide bonus. Then everyone will need to use it.

Either way not good.

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