Why are there no boosters for haulers or miners?

All/Most the boosters seems to be combat orientated. How about some that help out miners, haulers or indy guys? Obviously CCP would have to make them balanced but how about a booster that increase mining yield for 30 minutes, or one that speeds up your production/research for a day or so? Maybe even one that increases agility for haulers for 30 minutes?

You guys might think it unbalanced but how about spreading the booster love a bit further than combat?

Seems reasonable to me.

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I don’t know about Hauliers but there are most certainly boosters for Miners, I benefit from them regularly on both ore and ice. Google it…

Because mining sucks?

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I can answer this in regards to mining:

Because there is no point in it.

The income of most mining is directly tied to everything created through minerals. The average value of the earnings of a miner is always the same. Always. No matter if Trit costs 5 isk, or 10 isk, the buying power will always balance itself out again. Simpletons might believe that “a higher number means I am richer”, but reality says “No”.

Simplified example:

Imagine CCP decided to put in some mechanic that doubles the price of Tritanium.

When Trit starts costing 2x more, the miner earns a number that is two times higher. Simpletons believe “wow, I earn SO MUCH MORE!”, but in reality everything he buys (that is made out of Trit) will cost around 2x more. His buying power effectively stays the same, and he will whine again that he does not actually make enough money.

There is no point in boosting mining, because it changes literally nothing in the long run.

This case, here in this thread, is actually the opposite. Miners mining more would lower the price of minerals, because then more minerals would be flooding the market, causing prices to drop, causing simpletons to believe they are making less money. Not to forget the negative consequences it has for the economy when everything gets too damn cheap.


I did. Answer:


Which of the above boosters do you use on ore & ice ?

Don’t miners and haulers benefit from defensive or navigation boosters just the same as everyone else? They need to move around and protect themselves from being exploded just like combat pilots.

It’s possible we’re at cross-purposes here, I’m talking about benefitting from Fleet bursts like “Mining Foreman Burst” (see https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Command_Bursts#Command_Bursts), are you talking about boosts for individual miners (other than ship boosts ) ?

eta: Mea culpa, I missed the difference between ‘Bursts’ and ‘Boosters’ - sorry.

eta2: Although - all the Boosters you pointed at have a duration of about 1/2 hour. This might make a major difference in a short, sharp battle, but it would have very little effect on mining operations, which tend to last hours.

Solstice Projekt says:

Not to forget the negative consequences it has for the economy when everything gets too damn cheap.

But that’s what wars in nullsec are for: Market correction! :joy:

Can you expand on this? I feel like there is a bit more to be said about this, and you apparently know your stuff.

Thank you!

Nothing fancy. If the price of minerals drop, the prices of ships drop. If the prices of ships drop, PvP Nullsec Corps can afford to replace ships more easily. If PvP Nullsec Corps can replace ships easily, it’s less risky to go to war. If it’s less risky for PvP Nullsec Corps to go to war, they’re more likely to go to war.

They go to war, ships get destroyed in massive volumes, demand on the market draws on the supply, prices rise until war is no longer profitable.

Equilibrium eventually establishes itself and large-scale war goes dormant again. Fithly casual carebears like me then continue to do our thing, producing slightly more than the market actually demands, pushing prices down and starting the cycle over again.

It’s a fairly reliable growth/collapse cycle. Equilibrium points vary based on a whole range of factors, of course. And there’s more driving Nullsec wars than just market prices. But it all ties together eventually. It’s what makes EVE interesting. :smiley:


Thank you!

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Not if you just keep smoking them over and over until your mining operation is done or your brain is fried and you find yourself screaming and punching your space television with bloody hands while some stranger lies face down in a puddle of blood in the background and CONCORD is beating down your door. Seriously, if you aren’t as high as you were then you just smoke some more . . . or eat it or whatever. Haven’t you ever snor . . . errr . . . taken drugs?

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You possibly mean to say that it seems fair when all profession have access to drugs / boosters. But is such a balance really required? Does everything need to have a perfect balance? Why not have some natural imbalances?

I’ve seen players asking for drugs to boost their drones. Yet drones have their own AI and operate mostly independently. Why should there a drug in the pilot’s body enhance drone performance?

In the same way do I need to ask how a drug in the pilot’s body should enhance the mining yield?

We do have boosters that are beneficial to all pilots, and some that are focused on combat. We also have fleet boosts that are beneficial to all pilots, and some that are focused on mining. If you want to have drugs for miners then we might see combat pilots asking for fleet boosts to their weapons. It seems we have a bit of a balance, just not a strict separation and categorization of it.

Personally do I not see a high need for it. The drugs would certainly be useful, but then we would have miners in space who would peacuflly mine away, possibly be afk and on drugs. Seems to be a bit of a funny message really. Combat pilots however are fighting for their lives and take drugs to stay alive, which when one thinks about it isn’t funny at all. It’s actually quite a different message really.

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