Will mining boosters be available to make?

During this event I have come to love the boosters we’ve been given. Can these be made available to make as a new booster in the normal course of the game?



CCP is trying to pivot away from player-made stuff.

OK, but I also like mining boosters. And would be happy to see them made available via LP stores, as an alternative to making them.

That said, gas availability and booster attributes were both buffed recently. Surely that suggests boosters an area CCP do want to see expanded?

I would be happy to see mining boosters limited to LS tho. That would fit nicely with recent buffs to gas availability in LS and further incentivize miners getting out of HS. Just as long as any mining boost does cover gas; at the moment they don’t work for ice mining.

They might be available in the soul-bound Eve-store packs someday.

Egads. Me, being a (care) bear of small brain, does not like soul bound, in principle. However, in this case, I would be happy with soul bound mining boosters, in practice.

But paying for them? Other than via in-game currency and/ or activity? Not so much.

That hurt where it counts.

Shut up and eat the free candy.

I had my sweet tooth pulled a long time ago…

I was referring to low-grade boosters, cheap BPCs, and volatile skins. It was a metaphor.

You really think I didn’t get it???
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Short answer, no.

You have CCP Rattani at the helm and the last thing he wants is more people being “independent” or self sufficient, his profile so far to me gots me thinking there are more changes coming (well obviously), that yes after the scarcity is over there will be more push for people to blow each other up and we don’t get to decide (player base), for ourselves so the last thing we will see is the ability to build these.

Besides they will require reactions and that is only in LOW and below.

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