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Has the minerals we get from refining loot increased yet?

@ Moderators, I have just logged on and asked this I haven’t had time for eve recently so I have no idea if this is a banned topic.

Dont take my word for it but I think the resources one gets from refining loot has actually decreased, if I understood what I read on these forum correctly.

OH, and first :slight_smile:


With the recent changes it’s clear that CCP is trying to make less minerals enter the game, not more. So it would be very inconsistent if CCP increased the minerals from refining loot now.

And no, it’s not a banned topic, why should it be? :smiley:

Oh for the good old days of gun mining.

Recycling loot was nerfed for a reason.

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How to buff scrapmetal reprocessing without actually buffing it: nerf reprocessing of all other materials.


Remove all bounties and mining from the game. Make loot great again.

honestly, (thought i think you were being sarcastic) bounties can not be removed from the game…not without putting almost everything into some sort of NPC buy order.

They could be removed if corresponding isk sinks were removed.

and how would that make the economy work? without turning it into a them park style thing?

remove bounties…

NO replacement for ISK acquiring, …

cant buy plex
players wont be trading items on market…
economy pretty much dies as we know it …like obliterated.

How much isk do you think needs to be created? You don’t need to create isk to buy plex with it - no isk is destroyed in the process.

well considering you can not make a single contract without ISK…

good luck trying to trade for plex or items or anything else that way…

and the current market system (and the economy as a whole) depends on ISK…

so uhm yeah stop talking out your arse.

Are you for real? Think about money in the real world. You do not need to create dollar bills out of the air in order for the economy to work.

what about money?

im going to ask you 2 questions…

then im also going to ask you to play a game…

question 1.) What game do you play that has no in game currency of any kind?

question 2.) since you want to bring up RL, are you able to explain and justify an economic system that will never use currency ever at all that would work in todays Real World boundaries.

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There is already isk in the game. It already exists.

stop dodging and answer the questions…if you are able to.

Y so sirius

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Not yet.


Pretty sure Xeux is saying that we keep the isk that’s already in the game and just turn off the tap for a while.


Bounty isk is not out of thin air. A bounty is placed by Concord on NPC’s who are enemies of Concord, If one can get themselves into a position to claim NPC bounties then it fits well into an economy within a virtual world because you have to perform actions in order to achieve it.

It’s just the same in real life. If one’s computer breaks then a reward will be placed on whoever can fix it properly.

So from a role-playing sort of perspective removing bounties is a pants idea because there would be no way for the governing body within the game to keep their enemies at bay or brought to justice.

but seems to be coming around full circle, with the decrease in ore available making it seem more viable again.

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