Implant Boosters Idea

Implant’s are great and significantly upgrade your ship at a pretty insane cost which is balanced because of just how good they are, but what about a way to have a portion of those implant effect’s for a small duration of time, it would be super fun to use:

Lore wise this would make sense because the pirate factions would try to get people hooked on their implants with a much cheaper weaker (experimental/crude) version (side effects), like a trail run to get them to buy their good stuff.

The Implant Booster uses the same slot as normal implant’s but has a duration and after that duration it has the reverse effect for half the time.
Stat wise it has the same bonus without any set bonus and nothing for omega.


Mid-grade Slave Gamma

3% bonus to armor HP
Set Effect: 10% bonus to strength of all slave implant secondary effect’s.

New Booster:
Slave Booster Gamma

3% bonus to armor HP for 2Hours
No set bonus

After 2Hours (4Hours at bio 5) the booster get’s rejected from the body and causes a reverse effect:
-3% bonus to armor HP (Reduced by Nerotoxin Control to 2.25 at NC V) for 1 Hour (Reduced by Nurotoxin Recovery to a min of 45min)

Current Mid-grade Slave Gamma Cost in LP store:
15k LP 15 Mil isk
Market Value: 58mil

Proposed Cost of Slave Booster Gamma (10th of the cost for 4 hour max duration.)
1.5K Lp 1.5 Mil isk
Market Value: 5.8mil

Now for the value of a whole set comparison and stat comparison:
Link for Costing:
Link for Stats:
High-Grade Slaves:
Cost: 2.34 B
Stats: 53.63%

Mid-Grade Slaves:
Cost: 792mil
Stats: 33.83%

Low-Grade Slaves:
Cost: 582mil
Stats: 20.03%

Slave Booster x 5 no omega:
Cost: 79.2mil
Stats: 15% for 2 hours (4 hours with bio 5) with side effects.

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Be willing to pay for the good stuff.

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I have the good stuff :wink: and loving it, this is for people that would like to try it out.

If they can’t afford a mid grade or high grade set, then they aren’t at a place in their game skill or knowledge to know how to use it.

Some people can afford it but write it off as not worth it, giving them a try will let them see if they like the benefits of it.

Adding a temporary boost to the effect of implants is an interesting idea, but I think you got the mechanics entirely wrong.

Leave implants alone, but instead offer an actual booster, like drugs or cerebral accelerators, that impact implant statistics. Basic ones would just give a small bonus, bigger ones would give bigger bonuses with a chance of side effects that could be mitigated with existing skills.

I’m not 100% sold on the idea, but if it were to be implemented I think this way of doing it makes a lot more sense.

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You have a good point, maybe it would be too much work for CCP to add duration to implant slot’s as well and having it as a normal booster would reduce dev time significantly.

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