Officer Implants

(Eternus8lux8lucis) #1

Basically an introduction to +5 training attribute pirate faction implants. Same stats as the regular high grades for bonuses just +5 training attributes.

Should level in the 3-5bil price range for a full set with the Ascendancy’s being about 10bil.

Drop rates should account for the price as well as build cost increases over the Ascendancy manufacturing currently. Drops would be either implants or bpcs from faction rats or ghost sites, could also come as a drop in any new sites CCP introduces in the future. I would hesitate to put these into the pirate faction LP stores due to farming and LP amounts available unless an appropriate isk sink/conversion is created to keep the isk/LP around the current levels and NEVER in the Concorde LP store.

Would be a bit of power creep to it but due to it only being +1 training attribute getting these wouldnt be much of an increase for such a high price. It would also mean more shiny killmails that could total in excess of 20bil isk for a single Officer Grade Ascendancy pod with a full rack of +6% or named implants in slots 7-10.