WTB Any Empire LP Implant sets

Looking to buy plain implant sets (+2, +3, +4 to attributes) which are available in all Empire LP stores. This is perfect for someone who is looking to cash out their stash of L4/L5 mission LP’s without crashing the market and without having to pay sales taxes. Can pick up in Jita or your high sec LP station.

Looking to spend 5-10B isk worth and looking for a better price than I would get on the market otherwise.

Hello, I could complete your order but sadly not below market price.

yeah, no worries. I’ll see if you can find someone here. There are lots of people sitting on millions of L5 missions LP. If I can’t find anyone, I’ll just buy them off the market again as I have been so far.

Good luck! I hope you find someone. I’ll be here if you decide against buying on the market, maybe until then I can sell below :slight_smile:

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