LF trader for Nirvana Implant BPC-s

Looking for someone who can buy my Sansha LP.

Sansha LP store: LP Store - Return on ISK - True Power - The Forge Sell

I’m making an avarage 2 million LP/ week, and i need someone who can buy it on Jita.

You can choose any item what u want, and i bring it to Jita, where i make a contract with the items for you.

I ask 2000 Isk/LP price, but negotiable

For example: Mid-grade Nirvana Omega Blueprint

Its cost in the store: 85.000 LP and 85.000.000 Isk. I will ship it to jita for 255.000.000 Isk

If intrested, mail for Tuzmadar.



I found my traders, thy for your watch.

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