WTB All of your LP

I’m back to buying any and all kinds of LP! I’ve bought 3 billions of LP and stopped counting…

  • 675 ISK/LP or more! (FW / Concord / Null LP is worth much more of course!)
  • Minimum quantity of 10 million LP applies
  • Fast cash outs with a 24 hour turnaround
  • No hauling, no hassle
  • Covenient cash-out locations next to your mission/FW pocket!

Most of my clients run L5 missions in low-sec or FW/Null missions on multiple alts at once. If you are making great ISK/hour and just need to cash out large amounts of LP, I’m your man!

Regular customers also get:

  • Ability to cash-out anywhere in NPC space.
  • Loot buyback at Jita buy

Don’t wait, get ISK for your LP today!

Contact me on Discord (Ben#6711) or do send an EvE-Mail.


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