LP Store - Zainou "Deadeye" Medium Hybrid Turret MH-805 problem?

While looking for a specific item today in the Gallente Federal Office Of Intelligence (FIO) LP Store I found this discrepancy.

LP Store cost for this implant (for me) is 79,375 LP and 79,375,000 ISK.
The low/high sell price price for this implant in Sinq Laison is 11,490,998 to a high of 42,998,969 with the average price between 5-11.5 million ISK during a one week spread and buy orders only topping out at a mite over 5,000,000 ISK.

This is not market manipulation by PCS.

What is going on here with this particular implant?

Cheers and Thanks for any helpful information!

IIRC this drops from an L4 mission (maybe a DED site… I don’t correctly recall), but has been cheap for ever. So I don’t think people are picking them up from the LP store, but from drops after doing something, thus the low price.

When I first saw them so cheap (literally years ago) I bought a bunch thinking it was a short term dip… the price has stayed the same. It’s great if you like the Vigilant/Demios :slight_smile:


…or a COSMOS mission (as well), not entirely sure myself either.

It drops in a lvl3 mission

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I believe it’s a storyline drop, there’s a handful of other implants that drop in missions or from storylines that are rather cheap too.

from a different barrel: is there an implant like this for disintegrator weapons?
or anything triglavian related for that matter
specifically i fly vedmak

thanks in advance

At this time there are no disintegrator implants available.

There are some other missions which drop implants like this one. Some implants are just the +3% implants but some storyline mission give you a +5% implant as reward.

For example, I got a shield warfare and armored warfare mindlink implant from this storyline mission and one newer storyline mission awards the mining foreman mindlink.

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