Request: 1000 Boosters for an Implant


the current Event brought such an extreme amount of Agency Boosters to the people, that it is becoming more and more a “have to” rather than “nice to have”, to eat Agency Boosters before any form of PVP.

Since this is unpractical, I request to exchange 1000 Agency Boosters of the same kind for an Implant (new slot) that does exactly the same, but permanently or until podded.

Thanks in advance.

Doing drugs is easier, and already implemented.

Doing drugs is always better :slight_smile:

EDIT: Especially before a fight!!

Drugs are bad. :smoking: :pill: :syringe: :mushroom: :cyclone: :peace_symbol:

Not sure what a droped is. But I got hundreds of boosters on day 1. They dropped very often.

Guess you weren’t there. I got more boosters in the first 8 hours of the event than I have during any other previous event.

You confuse skill cerebral accelerators and combat boosters, aka doses.

You don’t use “boosters” … only Cerebral Accelerators.
I just collect the “boosters.”

In this event the boosters drop. The Cerebral Accelerators are bpcs.
I don’t know what event you’re doing. You might be doing a pretend event in your head.

They don’t “droped” either. In fact, nothing “droped” because “droped” isn’t a word.

What is a “copys”? Is that anything like “copies”?

What is a blueBprint?

My life is pretty nice.

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