Christmas is coming soon, prt 6 2017 Event

Hi guys, once again it’s approaching the time for me to spread some Christmas cheer.

Greetings all,

On Dec 14th, 2017, I will host the sixth annual Christmas giveaway event in a system to be announced at a later date.

the first event was in 2012 and we have held the event each year since then.

Each year, the people who help or donate, or even just come and enjoy the fun makes it a truly special time in New Eden when it seems that disputes and hostilities are set aside for a single evening in favor of fun, laughter and of course “Gift Giving”.
For those who were here last year, I Will be flying around New Eden (between now and the time of the event) in my beautifully skinned sleigh provided by the group who attended 2015’s event, and I might just jettison a can with something valuable inside it, a little teaser for you all.

The planned events for this year are:
(in no particular order)

  1. The Annual battle (details to be released later)

  2. The “Ship Scramble” where pilots will be given “some” warning to be ready and one of my helpers will leave (or jettison) a fully fit ship out in space generally within sight of the station (but not warp to range) and pilots will scramble to be the first one into the ship to claim it. this event will be repeated throughout the evening based on the number of people who show up in the system and the number of fitted ships we have that evening.

  3. A “Can Hunt” where some pilots can put their scanning skills to good use to locate a can (its really going to be a ship named “can”… shhhhh) in space that will contain a prize.

  4. Cansplosion!!! I’ll left you folks guess about this one wink. Hint: you don’t blow up the cans (due to some issues with suspect timers last year, we may come up with something else to replace cansplosion this year)

  5. Frigate races for a prize… (self explanatory I hope)

Giveaways in station, giveaways in local, conga lines, EvE trivia and more are all awaiting this year’s attendees.

Each year, my main and his corp have provided items for this event, and each year the event has been made more than what it would have been by those of you who have donated to the cause, so, if anyone would like to donate items, ships, or even iskies toward the event, please feel free to send or contract them to me.

As was the rule last year, please make sure that the item is in .5 or higher security systems (not high sec islands please) and the folks who have offered to haul them to the event site for me will do so.
as always, I have no intention of keeping items or isks for myself and should the case arise where there are extra things, they will carry over to the following year’s event.

That is all for now.

o/ everyone and Fly safe.



CCP’s addition to the prize pool this year is 10 codes that will give a pilot 60 days of OMEGA time.
Thanks to CCP Falcon for his help this year


Hi Santa,
My friends and I will be happy to lend a hand again this year.
Just let us know what you need.

Thank you Sir.

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hey BC

CCP Leeloo is no longer with CCP and as of this reply, CCP has not responded to the ticket I opened on my main character to ask who I would work with for this year’s event.

My elves and I will still be trying to get something together for the event with or without CCP’s help as we did the first year.


so much for firing the VR devs, and by VR I mean the community Devs.


Hi Agondray,
All is not lost, I have a few nice gifts left over from last year’s event so even if we don’t have as much as we did last time, we’ll still have a good time and I’ll have enough gifts for quite a few people. :slight_smile:


I’m in. Let me know if you need help…

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spread the word is the best thing, and of course anything someone wants to donate is always appreciated


I received a reply from CCP Falcon today on my Main.
I’ll let everyone know what they are adding to the prize pool for this year soon™



Oh. looky, I can run the riddle contest again

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I will pledge 6,000 Plex but on the condition that it is not pooled with CCP’s prizes.

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I replied to your email

Thank you

Glad to see you still do this! A bit of Santa Spirit is never lost in EvE!

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What time are you looking to host the evert this year? i need to know because if i’m running teh riddle contest again like last year, i need to make sure i won’t be working during teh event.

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Perhaps it would help your cause if you replied to players who have donated, even if it’s just to acknowledge that you received the items or isk.

I try to reply to everyone, however, this time of year is super busy at work, so I don’t get to login as much as I’d like

I’m going to take the day off of work again, and try to get started shortly after DT so that the most folks get to come

I wonder why the reply doesn’t show as going to you?, anyway, I did get the contract and I appreciate it, i will follow your request.