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I’m a vet player, and looking at the NPE, it’s not looking too bad. But there are some things that it doesn’t tell (that can be useful for newbeans).

I will only.start with one point since I can’t quite write a whole guide atm (will add stuff into it later today)

Career Agents

There are 12 careers agent systems, (insert link here)
In each of those, you have the opportunity to 10 missions for each of 5 agents (2 combat, 1 mining, 1 exploration and 1 hauling (if I remember))

Each of those missions give you isk AND ship/modules for your ships.
What I recommend is doing one system, then selling all but one fitted ship to make more isk and also make moving easier.

Doing this should ultimately give you around 100m isk (will confirm later) for all systems combined.

I will add some more info, tips and other relevant stuff at a later time (including how to more safely move assets around without being a pinata)


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Or be a salvager.
Trust the Rust
Ready your Duct Tape

Get some MTUs, a Hoarder (as alpha is really cheap) an extended probe launcher. Save locations.
Made 30mil an hour.

And remember you, yes you that leave everything when the quest is completed. It’s just a click to “abbandon cargo”. Your trash is someone else profit. Don’t be a capsuleer censored, abandon what you don’t use

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If you don’t mind I link this here:

Related thread with more related stuff:

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Feel free to link your good references;
The more the merrier imo (I’m just not certain this will get the needed visibility)

The career agents do give inflated rewards, approx 10 million worth of ships and stuff per set of agents (per each school), and you can get another 5 million or so worth of ore if you pay attention to the “geography” in some of the missions. For example, mission sends you to kill a pirate, and the fight happens in a field full of Kernite asteroids. You kill the pirate, but before reporting to the agent, you go back to the location with your mining Venture and can mine all that Kernite. 5 million extra ISK.

But even with the inflated rewards, it’s generally too boring and repetitive to re-do the career missions. Typically we recommend going to the Sisters of EVE epic mission arc (that’ll also give you another 10-15 million ISK), and then if money-making is what you want, exploration, or focused missions for one of the Navies, or even mining the better ore in lower security systems can make you more than the career missions.

And you can also jump right into PVP. There are quite a few player groups that are looking for and accepting newbies, and they’ll give you free ships and free ISK just to fly with them, as well as guidance and training. Player corps need pilots; doesn’t matter that you don’t have many skills, skills can be trained, ships can be unlocked, they just need players who are interested in flying and PVP. They’ll give you everything for free, just to keep you happy. All you have to do is find the good groups that do this, and participate.

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You definitely should not suggest doing all career agents over and over to newbies, eve is grindy enough, no need to make it even worse. Also, the best and safest way to move stuff around is courier contracts, they never ever failed me.


They’re repetitive yes, But imo they’re a better alternative to mining during 3 weeks to get roughly the same amount (for a casual player ofc)

And of course there are less boring ways. That’s the whole point of this thread :wink:

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If you have a lot of things in your hangar you want to ‘garage sell’ in Jita, DO NOT add cargo expander II’s on your hauler ship and autopilot it there while going for dinner. Make sure you are at least present and check local for pirates like CODE. Add those alliances/corps to your 'People and places and give them “TERRIBLE STANDINGS”. That way they show up with a red square with a white minus in it in local so you’ll know when to be very carefull.

Well, the best option has been already suggested above my post. Join corp and people will throw enough free stuff for you to drown in it. Everybody need more pilots and 50-80kk is like a pocket change for older players.

Hoarder is an awefull choice fro alpha salvager. You will have to waste your SP limited space on minmatar industrial, get very small, for industrial ship cargo bay and absolutely no salvager bonus. T1 exploration frigates get salvaging bonus (Magnate will even give you same cargo due to 4 slots for cargo expander), destroyers will let you fit more, than 3 salvagers and still be ok with CPU and cap stability (all 8 salvagers, if no exp. core probe launcher fitted). You will have some empty high slots cause of low base CPU, but a destroyer still is best slavaging ship for alpha accounts, IMHO.

Pro tip: you can probe down lost drones in low sec.

About running all carrier agents - worth only for getting equally good starting standings with all 4 empires. Join the corp and you will make same or better money in same time with 1000 % more fun. And the game should be fun.

Free head start for new comers - 250 000 extra skill points

Destroyers have no cpu for an extender probe launcher. Frigates like the magnate seems also to not have enough CPU 220 is the standard cost of an expanded probe launcher
I’ll look up for the frigate

[Talwar, salvager]

Co-Processor II
Co-Processor II
Co-Processor II

Eutectic Compact Cap Recharger
Eutectic Compact Cap Recharger
Eutectic Compact Cap Recharger

Expanded Probe Launcher I
Salvager I
Salvager I
Salvager I
Salvager I
Salvager I
Salvager I

Small Processor Overclocking Unit I
Small Processor Overclocking Unit I
Small Capacitor Control Circuit I

If your alpha skills are still too bad to fit that because of CPU (which they should not) than offline one salvager and / or use EE-603 cpu implant. With my skills I see over 23 CPU left unused. If you are good with CPU - try to replace one cap recharger with afterburner.

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With this setup i am really uneffective at probing. With the Hoarder i can have 2 Rigs for scan strengh and 1 medium slot for it, and it’s mediumd-hard to scan some drones down.

I’m searching for an all around fit. Probably the scan frigate will answer me that. but if i can’t fit all the rigs or medium i’ll get back to the hoarder

It is a good idea to use the ship, that was designed by CCP to do the job. Hoarder is an industrial vessel with bonus for ammunition transportation.
If you need best “all around fit” with good probing capabilities, your best choice is Gnosis. Expensive, less effective in salvaging (less salvagers can be fitted cause only 6 high slot hardpoints), than a catalyst (common entry level salvager ship for a reason) but much better for probing.

I did 3 different race career agents, just to learn about the tactics and weapons of the race and have an idea of their frigates.
It is getting boring quite fast. Dunno when I’m ready and keen enough to do the last one, a Caldari agent :wink:

BTW: The scanning agent has only 5 missions, so it’s 45 per newbie agent location. But some missions contain building which takes several hours. I’ve never got it done in a day, and of course I started missions parallely.

Caldari is a mix between gallente (guns) and Minmatar (shields and missiles)

If you’re comfortable with those two you should be fine for the whole Caldari principle

Actually the Minmatar are the mixes between Caldari and Gallente
Since Caldari focuses heavly on Missiles and Shields, while Gallente on armor and drones
Minmatars have a different variaty of shield and armor ships that can actually fly either armor or shield tank.

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