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The Kherub Angels initiative and corporation presents the ★ Kherub EVEblog

A weblog about EVE Online

Current subjects include: Many forms of piracy, pew pew, PvE, PvP, mind games, anecdotes, guides, giveaways, events, hints, tips & tricks, ship fittings, screenshots, fireworks, trade and more.

Reason to blog

To share stories, opinions, observations, personal experiences and other stuff about EVE Online and my related activities, in a coherent fashion at a single centralized location, making it easy and convenient to share the content with those who are interested.

Hopefully every reader will get something out of it: Neutrals, friends and enemies who are good sports might learn something new and/or have a good, fun read while hostiles and haters will read something to get triggered by and be salty over. :smiling_imp:

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: ★ Kherub EVEblog :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:


Some nice reads in there. Definitly recomend.

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Nice write ups to a few of the things that go on in the game that people can get up to.

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Though all posts are viewed more or less and obviously I recommend them all.

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