Very very new player

Hello all and thanks for reading my post,

I’ve heard about eve for years and finally decided to play. I’ve gone through the first missions and really enjoy the game. I can see myself devoting a lot of time to this. I play an alpha account at the minute but will be getting a subscription next month. I’m looking for a corporation that’s UK or EU timezone and that won’t mind helping me out as Im sure I’ll have lots of questions etc as I progress.

Anyway thanks again and look forward to hearing from you guys :slight_smile:

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+1 for E-UNI.

As for consequences, you can (and highly recommended to) create at least one but preferably several alt accounts (note accounts and not characters on the same account, which you can do so even on the same e-mail address) and train one char on each of them parallel so you have a clean character that you can use even parallel to your main in case you want some different gameplay as a form of R&R or whatever reason.

Later you can also switch to one of them as your main and have its corp history suitable to join other corps which would otherwise reject you for joining a corp they despise.

The reason I recommend to do this as soon as you can (and afford ISK-wise, though the price of skill books is not much for most skills) is to keep the alt(s) as close to your main’s level of training as possible not to be limited when you switch.

You can train the other chars (which recommended to stay as alpha to conserve subscription fee as they probably will be underutilized to warrant a sub of their own) up to ~5.5 mil SP which should be more than enough for many activities and if you plan to switch for a longer period you can PLEX them from your main’s income by that time or pay for a sub if you feel it worth it.

Edit: Also you may check my guides and giveaways which may be of use to you:

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Thanks alot for the replies! Theres a lot to get your head around on this game. I’ll definitely look into the corporations you’ve all mentioned.

Many thanks!

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If you want to give Faction Warfare a try, check out Aideron Robotics.

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100% agree with this, we are very very new player friendly and it’s a great way to learn PVP! Our alliance even has an EU corp if you want to switch over to it once you get more experience.

Hey @Andr0x_Raio , if you want to try a small corp just starting which organises public fleets into 0.0., look over to the PuffinSquad thread - would be happy to have some old players there besides myself and a few others cough Corp is also for socialising and laid back, we all got Rl and want to have fun not a second work…

…that said, EVE University is also always a good start for new players…



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Thanks for all the replies! The community is very helpful and is very much appreciated. Eve’s a bit daunting for a first timer :sweat_smile:

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The community is helpful because we all know what it was like to be a new player :slight_smile:

Though I assume some might be useful as they know one day the new players might grow strong and skillful enough to be enjoyable content for them. :rofl:

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Give us a shout. We are specifically recruiting newer players.

Hop into ur public channel ‘Coalition of Carebears’ where you will also find ur Discord details, from which we springboard a lot of our information, ops and general chatter.

Hope to see you soon,

I’ve joined a corporation but thanks alot for all your suggestions. Hope our paths cross in New Eden sometime!

Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. :wink:

Hey matey mid your still looking

We are a new bro corp looking to fly mine build fight and learn together
We are so far all uk tz and looking for more
If you want to know more send me a in game mail

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