Rookie Event Fleet July, 14th (Fleet report inside)

So, I have seen in Rookie help that quite a few new players seem to be interested in the current event.

As the Event can be quite deadly for new players I want to offer an option for anyone who is interested in taking a look at the event.

This weekend I am planning to run a little event fleet just for rookies.

The idea is that I leave all the killing and hacking of the cans to you and will only be there to assisst you with remote repairs as some of the spawns can be rather deadly for new players.

As I will be using armor Logistics, I can sadly only offer this to people who are able to armor tank their ships, and you should be able to “fly” a cruiser. It does not need to be a typical armor cruiser, but you need armor tanking skills. You do not have to pay anything for the ships. They will be a gift to you!

You don´t even have to bring your own ships. I will prepare ships for this and will hand them out to you, but you will have to send me a mail until friday to register for the fleet.

I am only going to accept 15 pilots for this.

You can keep all the loot you can grab! I don´t want any share of the loot. So here is your chance to have a look at how playing as a team can open doors to content for you that otherwise would be out of reach for you. On top of it you can make some ISK in the process :).

So here a short summary:

Date: Saturday 14th of July
Time: 14:00 EvE Time (that is when I will be starting, you can most likely catch up with the fleet later during the day)

Location: Somewhere in Amarr Space :slight_smile:

Skills required:

  • Hacking (Level 3+ preferred, but not needed for all the cans)
  • Cruiser skills for any faction
  • Armor tanking skills (abiity to use t1 modules is good enough)
  • Gunnery skills for medium sized turrets/launchers of the chosen faction

Contact: Send a mail to Mike’s Salesman to register. Include which faction you have cruiser and weapon skills trained for, so that I can prepare a ship for you.
(People who are currently at war, will not be accepted, sorry!)

Registration ends: Friday 13th of July @ 21.00 EvE Time.

Slots available : 13/15


Sounds good both as a giveaway and as a fleet op for rookies. :+1:

Best of luck and fly safe! o/

Also if you don’t mind I link my own giveaway thread below:

Great, just the time England vs. Belgium is about to start :wink:

It is quite possible that I keep the fleet running for several hours and I can not plan something like that around any eventual RL events happening at the same time.

No matter what time I pick, somebody would prefer a different time, because of some reason.

This was an incredible help to new players. I had a great time, learned a lot and gained a ton. Thank you so much for the help. I haven’t seen such player help in an mmorpg in ages.

I am happy that the 2 of you enjoyed it :).

For anyone interested here is a little recap of how it went:

We kept running for a little bit more than 4 hours. The first 2 hours were a little bit slow, because I did not interfere with the hacking too much, as the I wanted them to learn how to do it. Once they had it figured out I started hacking a bit more seriously myself to speed up things a bit, so they can make a little bit more ISK.

After the 4 hours they both went and sold their loot and together they have gotten just a little bit under 450 million ISK.

And of course + their cruisers worth approximatly 15 million each which they are also taking home :).

I hoped that more rookies would use the opportunity, but in the end I am happy that the 2 who joined had fun, learned some stuff and also were able to make enough ISK to buy some toys :).

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