★ 🎃 Halloween fireworks screenshot contest

image Kherub Angels proudly present

:camera_flash: The Halloween fireworks screenshot contest :jack_o_lantern:

★ Summary

A friendly competition as an excuse to share fireworks showcases. :slight_smile:

To participate just take a screenshot of performing fireworks in-game and post the screenshot here, that’s it. (Video submissions are also welcome!)

Note: Even if you don’t want to participate in the competition (thus leaving the prizes for others to have) still feel free to post your screenshots if you have any (just let us know you are not entering the competition).

Originally the winners were planned to be chosen, announced and receive their prizes sometime after Halloween (Sunday, October 31) though this has been changed accordingly the below announcement:


As this year’s free Halloween fireworks login reward will arrive on the 31st, the submission deadline for screenshots in this contest is pushed to the 3rd of November daily downtime (11:00 EVEtime - see current EVEtime at https://eve-offline.net) thus everyone has time to submit their screenshots until then.


Due to a sever case of influenza this is the first time I sign in since days and most likely will not sign in for several more or even longer. As a result the competition will only conclude at an unspecified future date when my health recovered enough to permit me to do so. Everyone is welcome to post screenshots until then if for not other reason than just for the sake of it. Sorry for this unexpected delay. Happy halloween!

★ Rules

  • Only one screenshot entry per character (though feel free to post several screenshots but clearly indicate which one is the entry otherwise your submission might be void).
  • Preferably take a screenshot afterwards you read this thread (thus submit a new screenshot) though it is also acceptable to post a screenshot taken at an earlier date as well.
  • Halloween themed fireworks showcase is a big plus but not mandatory to enter.
  • Bonus points for incorporating interesting scenery and/or situations, lightshow and other fancy features and literal fireworks ('splosions) are also welcome. The larger and prettier the better though size is not everything so fine crafted quality might land you a better result in the “competition”, maybe best if you can manage to achieve both. :wink:
  • Attach the screenshot to the post (which might convert the image) but feel free to link a larger version as well for additional detail. (Also linking to an image in your online image library is also perfectly fine as long as you directly attach the image as well.)

★ Prizes

:trophy: Champion pumpkin 250 million ISK
:2nd_place_medal: Eerie lantern 125 million ISK
:3rd_place_medal: Spooky cauldron 62.5 million ISK
:medal_military: Haunting werewolf 31.25 million ISK
:hearts: Community favourite 66.666 million ISK

The first four will be decided by the judge (myself) while the community favourite will be chosen by the readers / viewers (the submission post that receives the most likes will get the community award).

Don’t forget you can help out by spreading the word so more people are aware of this contest.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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4K Video featuring fireworks I made a little while back.
1:52 is probably my favorite shot I’ve ever taken.


Nice little event, definitely love fireworks…

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Cool vid, nice camera angles and movement. First I thought this may be from one of the Luminaire events but then checked the title and description. Thanks for archiving and sharing the celebration! :+1:

It’s quite funny that Kherub Angels celebrate Halloween :smiley:
P.S. Real nice friendly competition, thanks! It means that the EVE players are not just about ganking business
P.S.P.S. Any tips for newbie how to make best fireworks? :smiley:
P.S.P.S.P.S. Thank you for the Gnosis guide/wikipedia!

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Not every angel is a saint :wink:

They never were (there are always excpetions though) and even many (maybe even most?) of the gankers are not malicious when exploding your space pixels in a spaceships PvP game just playing the game as intended. :wink:

  • There are small fireworks (barium, sodium, copper) which are cheap but not that impressive and there are much larger ones but those are pretty expensive but are very impressive.
    • Usually during holidays CCP gifts free crates of fireworks to every player in form of an event or login campaign or some such so you might get some for free or have some left over from previous events if you’ve been on and collected the gifts back then.
    • Probably (though no guarantee) CCP will or might have a Halloween themed campaign too so if you don’t want to pay for the fireworks maybe you can get some for free, which of course should be Halloween themed as well.
  • If you buy the larger fireworks you can conserve ISK if you carefully use them so might only need a limited amount no need for a full load just enough to create the spectacle you planned and quickly take a couple screenshots.
  • EVE has a screenshots folder thus you just have to use the screenshot key to make several ones and can choose the best one later. (More info at Screenshots - EVE University Wiki)
    • You can hide the entire GUI by pressing the [Ctrl] + [F9] key combo to can take more impressive cinematic screenshots.
  • You can add light show elements by target painting, repping, neuting, etc. your own drones, have armor / hull / shield repper drones rep your jetcan or other object in space and other creative methods to add fancy features to your screenshot.
  • You can use multiple launchers not just one to shoot multiple fireworks at the same time thus increasing the size of and also if choose so add variation to the fireworks showcase.
  • You can look up the Luminaire Snowball Fight threads on the forums and related screenshots and videos for inspiration (some are linked in the thread but probably even more exists if you do a google / youtube / etc. search as well).
    • You can also take a look at a small selection of my own fireworks showcases in my related image library on my blog at the following link: ★ Kherub EVEblog | Weblog about EVE Online (this link will load the main page and open the image slideshow)

That’s all right now, should be a good all rounder to get you (and everyone) started.

No problem, glad you found it useful. Don’t forget the Quick guide as well that is also very useful (especially for new players).

That’s already the winner :+1:

Thank you so very much, not-so-saint-Angel! :angel: Especially for your so comprehensive tips about making fireworks - I just need now to find a spectacular place to perform it :slight_smile: The best of all would be to make it in the middle of a PVP battle (but I wouldn’t survive even to getting into the middle of it :smiley: )

Well, there is Ganking, like the story about Lectose Intolerant that involved strategy and, actually, they even gave him a chance, and some lowly ganking when a T3 godzilla takes down a starting explorer frigate with 2 missiles.
The first is respectable, the later is less challenging than mining, just causes too much frustration to the new players. I hope your Angels look for challenging fights!

Thanks a lot once again! Will try to figure out something!

Not every engagement is meant to be equal nor fair, this is by design and is the basic nature of EVE. There is a famous EVE saying: “if you find yourself in a fair fight you already messed up”.

This is a vid’ya game so there are no moral aspects to it unless you bring them in yourself.

Wormhole space is meant to be a cat and mouse playground, this is by design, the Astero pilot has a lot of chance to avoid getting popped and the very fun of that environment is you can always face an overwhelming opponent or even several not even hunters are safe there can always be a bigger fish lurking around, the rewards are however are also in alignment with the additional risk involved and you can also fly cheap expendable T1 exploration frigates as well so it is all balanced.

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Ha, curious - does it mean that you always have to strategize to fight a lesser opponent?

Yes and no. There are NPCs, and there are real people behind avatars - ships. That unlucky guy Lactose Intolerant confessed that he couldn’t sleep for several nights after the event. That’s is quite understandable - he invested 16y of his life into EVE. What I want to say, a deep MMO is usually much more than a game, especially the EVE.

Speaking outside the EVE universe, in the near future when metaverses by Facebook and Epic will arrive, there will be some moral code for online interactions there - just as it is right now on Twitter or Facebook. Of course, that has nothing to do with the EVE but here I met so many nice people that I always think of another person behind a ship

That’s what it makes so thrilling - so far the most exciting part of the EVE for a newbie like me :slight_smile: It’s like stealing from a safe which you found in a wasteland inhibited by hyenas :smiley: Just I wish the probing business was a little less tedious…

No not at all, though if you go into an unfavorable situation it rarely ends well. :slight_smile: It still can be fun though. :wink: Winning or losing doesn’t really matter, the experience is the fun part. If you learn to embrace even your losses you will not be restricted of the full enjoyment of the game.

Who are playing a vid’ya game. If you get attached to pixels, take a game seriously and get offended by an MMO it is fair to say you either learn to let virtual things go or for your own sake better find a game more suited to you that you actually enjoy playing.

EVE is a PvP game from the ground up, with meaningful losses, but still on the principle it is a game and not to be taken out of context, such as taking it personally nor as if it was real life, it is a game you play for fun and all aspects of the experience including losses are part of it, you either can handle this or EVE is not for you as you will only have a bad experience.

In the end it is you who decide to take it personal or not and yourself are the only reason if you have a bad experience over losses and whatnot.

Which still will not change the fact shooting space pixels in a PvP MMO is intended gameplay. Unless you suggest shooting people in an FPS game is somehow immoral. :wink:

There also already exists a moral code for online interactions in all games including EVE, the EULA has rules regarding harassment so if some behaviour is breaking any rules just report them so support / GMs can handle it just like in any other MMO. On the other hand if something is not falling under that and one just takes offence in getting his space pixels blown up then he is the one being unreasonable.

Exactly and that is how it’s meant to be.

You can do that in hi-sec too by the way…


Agreed I hate that scanning minigame as well.

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Wise words coming from the extensive experience! :rocket:
Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

Well, yeaaa, but it’s a strategy game of many aspects too, a little like chesses on billion steroids, not just a PVP like some others (COD, BG) :>

Well, it’s more of a friday-beer-philosophy discussion but still there is a couple of decades of MMO experience in my family and friends’ circle. MMOs like EVE, WOW, GW - the multi-level and deeply immersive experiences do much more psychological influence than one is ready to admit. And actually exactly this aspect makes them that addictive.

Even now - we are out of game but I really do enjoy discussing with you. Which is still part of the EVE experience :slight_smile: So it gets into real life - some tragic, some happy. (examples are not from my family :slight_smile: )

I was thinking, it’s what makes EVE so special, actually. In other MMOs there are separate PVE and PVP areas, also match-making by players’ levels. But the EVE devs from ground up decided to mix everything up and make it max ‘dangerous’ - no safe areas, no comfort zones, all levels from 0 to 10 bazillion are together. It’s a very brave concept - I don’t think any other games could ever do that

Thank you very much for the link! Hope to learn all your ganking tactics :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a lovely evening!

I didn’t see this info in the OP but then again my eyesight isn’t as good as it use to be.

What is the deadline for entering a submission to the Halloween Fireworks Screenshot contest?

Well did not specifically use the term deadline but this part states it:

So sometime after Halloween I will look up the thread and see which screenshot received how many likes and how many screenshots were posted until that time and start ranking the screenshots then decide which receives which award.

Obviously will post an announcement that no further submissions will be accepted before I start this process to make it clear when the process started.

Also might alter the date (deadline) depending on some circumstances. As Halloween is nearing it is expected CCP will execute a related login campaign / event which is expected to grant free fireworks to everyone, which they can use to participate in this friendly screenshot contest and depending on when people will receive the fireworks I might push the deadline / date further out if needed to give enough time for people to use the free fireworks to make their screenshots, not in a rush and no reason not to give enough time for everyone to participate.

Actually this is why I didn’t specifically set a fixed date and instead wrote that it will be sometime after Halloween so I can close it sooner or later depending on which best fits the circumstances (and also to give myself the time needed as not sure when I will have enough time to do the ranking process and whatnot so might have to wait for that as well for a bit).

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Thanks for the reply, so basically the deadline is Oct 31…

Basically yes, might get pushed further though but best to post the screenshot by then to make sure. Note that I will surely post an announcement if I push the deadline out significantly, in the form of a reply to this thread and also updating the OP, so it’s worth subbing to this thread for such updates or checking it occasionally. So if no such announcement is posted then yes 31st of October will be the deadline.

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As this year’s free Halloween fireworks login reward will arrive on the 31st, the submission deadline for screenshots in this contest is pushed to the 3rd of November daily downtime (11:00 EVEtime - see current EVEtime at https://eve-offline.net) thus everyone has time to submit their screenshots until then.


Here we go!!
First of all I would like to express my deep gratitude for organizing this contest - it’s an opportunity to break out of routine, to have some fun, and to do different things in our harsh Eden :rocket:

This is a collaboration event by me and my friend @Ghaillie_Oksayris (in Tengu)
The main idea is to make a nice video (we took many of them) but at the moment I am not sure if I will have time to edit it properly in time so just to be on the safe side will be submitting as it is (with some screen freezing because I was taking screenshots at the same time too) :boom:

But the most important we had SO MUCH FUN! It was epic! And there is a Halloween-loads of my ‘firsts’:

  • My first ever trip to Jita (and surviving the Halloween kaboom-festival there!)
  • For the first time I and my friend @Ghaillie_Oksayris met ship-to-ship
  • Flew my first Battlecruizer ever (a shiny new Gnosis)
  • Installed my first Abyssal module - the gift from the multiplasmids pro Ghaillie :+1:
  • My first fireworks!
  • The jolliest ‘PVP’ ever!

I uploaded the screenshots album too - some make superb wallpapers:



Due to a sever case of influenza this is the first time I sign in since days and most likely will not sign in for several more or even longer. As a result the competition will only conclude at an unspecified future date when my health recovered enough to permit me to do so. Everyone is welcome to post screenshots until then if for not other reason than just for the sake of it. Sorry for this unexpected delay. Happy halloween!


I hope it’s nothing too serious, Uriel, get better soon!
No worries about the competition - we already had lots of fun which was a reward in itself. Thank you for motivating to do the quest-challenge!
P.S. I will register you to Dr. Phlox - he will fix you in no time!

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