★ :aura: Guides and 🎁 Giveaways

Guides still available, giveaways still ongoing.

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Over the years received a bunch of good ratings and awards from EVE players in the steam community which shows the guides reach people who find them useful and take time to express this and even provide useful rewards as gratitude. Thanks all, glad I could help! Fly safe o/


5 bil ISK donation spent in preparations for an upcoming giveaway aimed at rookies.

★ Prelude

★ Purchase

The past few weeks I’ve spent the 5 bil donation on Sunesis destroyers.

Total items purchased 552
Total spent 4,999,633,000 ISK
Average spent per item 9,057,306.15942 ISK
Remaining balance 367,000 ISK

★ Future giveaway

Similar to an earlier but much smaller scale giveaway the Sunesis destroyers will be given away one by one over time to rookie players in starter, career and other systems.

You can read the details of the mentioned earlier giveaway in the related thread:

The destroyers will be fitted with Medium shield extenders to provide basic tank which will be paid for by the Kherub Angels corporation.

As the Sunesis has minimal skill requirements and is a versatile craft capable of ratting and general combat, small hauling, can be fitted to be sub 2 sec align, can be fit for salvaging and so on it is a good kick starter craft for new players which has its uses even for a veteran player thus is a suitable tool that the receiving player can benefit from long term.

An example fit:

★ Conclusion

I am confident spending @Drago_Shouna ‘s donation to kick start over half a thousand rookie players’ careers with such a useful ship is a satisfactory expenditure of the donated funds.

I am looking forward to execute the giveaway which definitely will be a long term effort.

★ Gratitude

Again I thank @Drago_Shouna who generously donated 5 billion ISK to our giveaway fund before biomassing his characters.

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Guides still available, giveaways still ongoing.

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Good to see your service is still active and helping new players. I’m sure it’s appreciated.

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Giveaways still ongoing, guides still available.

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Guides still available, giveaways still ongoing.

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Giveaways still ongoing, guides still available.

hey can i participate in a giveaway?
I really need to get back on track, i lost all my isk to a scam, had been grind ratting for a few months saving up for omega, almost 3 months, kinda bummed but I haven’t given up yet, condor ratting isn’t effective buts its better than nothing, exploring isn’t great for me, all i find are Loki camps, so if you have some spare isk id appreciate it, or maybe something that you dont want to even some good advice :slight_smile:

The opening post lists my giveaways.

If you are older than 30 days then the kickstart ISK giveaway is no longer available to you but you can still request a bunch of blueprints each month that you can use to manufacture for yourself or for profit, just do the math before you do in case you can buy the same stuff cheaper on the market because since the industry changes stuff require more input material and/or items to manufacture so this changes things quite a bit.

As for advice the opening post also has links to my guides which have useful information in them, they are quite old by now but most of the info is still relevant.

You might also be interested in Mike’s…

Thanks man, what blueprints can you offer?
anything that could make me get some good omega time?

Perhaps check the dedicated giveaway information page that lists the available blueprints, how you can apply and other info by visiting the link in the OP.

I’m afraid nothing like that but probably could save a chunk on whatever you plan to manufacture (ammo and ships primarily).

The easiest and least time consuming is to get a few extra workhours at your job and get omega that way, the least amount of grind. Same applies to if you buy PLEX for RL $$$ instead of grinding in-game. Unless you enjoy the grindy bits of course.

Guides still available, giveaways still ongoing.

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Can i get a scamming guide?

No personal experience with that playstyle so maybe you can try Jita local to gain some experience with the subject…



Jita local is filled with bots