Gnosis PvEers - Bots?

While showing new players around Hi-Sec Gallente space combat sites in the last few days I keep running into Gnosis doing the sites. Always a different name though all proper (not weird) first and names doign the site in a Gnosis. At first I thought, maybe it’s just a popular ship. However after the 5th one I came across it started to seem botty.

Anyone else seeing this?

Could be a new pilot waiting on skills to train up. I have steered some new people to the Gnosis specifically because of this. But do keep tabs on it, keep track of the pilot rather then the ship and see how it goes.


Gnosis is the best PVE ship for fresh alpha accounts

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Gnosis is 27 million ISK in Jita and it is an excellent mission runner, up to level 3 with modest skills. I’m surprised is isn’t more popular.

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Agreed, however seeing at least 5 different people across at least 6 different systems running difficulty 1 combat sites in the same battle cruiser… was a little odd.

Gnosis wouldn’t be my choice for level 1 missions - too slow. And why bother - you’ll have enough standing to run level 2’s by the time you finish the career missions. More likely a new player corp in that region of space is handing them out to recruits,

There’s a whole bunch of them in Minmatar space as well. Systematically running all the of the anoms. The name of the Gnosis is always the same too. Several months ago there was another batch in Myrmidons.

While I’m not 100% certain that its a bot, I’m adding them to contacts in order to keep an eye on their activities. With any luck I’ll be able to spot the character(s) who come and run the escalations they’ve farmed up.

On the other hand there’s a bunch of couriers running around Metropolis which are certainly bots. Characters have a common naming scheme, ships (Badgers) are identically named, all were created within minutes of each other and are active 23.5/7. This is the third wave of them I’ve reported now, they get banned within a week or so, but a new batch is created within days :frowning: .

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yep saw them too. There are several packs of them in all metropolis.


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