Gnosis as a gank ship?

I’m training up my cruiser and battlecruiser skills, and just wondering how good the Gnosis is vs solo targets in low sec (and possibly null)? I’m mainly interested in targeting PVE ships, such as ratters and site runners. Is the Gnosis a good choice, or would I be better off with something more stealthy like a Stratios or T3 cruiser?

I kinda like the Gnosis since it’s cheap, very versatile and has a probe bonus. If I see a viable target, I can jump to the next system, refit, and come back.

The Gnosis has a problem with awful align times, speed and agility.

Usually, when I see a Gnosis set up for PVP, it’s a gate camp ship with instant-lock and alpha.

If you are going for a warp-in-and-gank, you are better off with the Stratios or T3 cruisers, or hell, get a friend to probe for you and fit a Catalyst.

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Gnosis is to slow to catch anything unfortunately, as stated above. It can work great as a gate- or stationcamp.

Depending on what you want to hunt I recommend a T3C nowdays. If you are afraid of the SP loss upon dieing you can go Stratios. But right now a Stratios is outmatched by a Proteus :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are not alone T3D’s or even combat interceptors are great.

Throwing this out there cus relevant :

Without a doubt you’re better off with a Stratios. Even with the excellent dps of the new Cloaky T3Cs, the Strat is still a very fine, capable ship. Start off with an Astero just to knock the rust off and before you know it, you’ll be greening up your KB w/ a Stratios.

Having said that, you probably do want something on hand when you need to hit a bit harder and have more tank. In that spot, a Mach is probably a fine solution, but barring that maybe a Navy Cane or Navy Harb, the latter being particularly strong vs shield-tanking victims.

While we’re not doing open recruitment at the moment, I’m happy to mentor new Hunters. You can see from our KB that we’re busy doing exactly what you say you’re looking to accomplish. PM me if interested.

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Do as this man says. (or join me for same reason)

Short answer: If trying to gank you need to focus on the ability to stop the vic from warping off.
otherwise all else does not matter.

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