Black Lanterns - Covert Piracy - Recruiting Privateers and Corporations

House of Black Lanterns is recruiting the scum of the universe

The Black Lanterns project hails a return to the ways of high seas piracy with a covert flavour. A return to the days of ransoms and hidden treasure and a flag under which to unite the scattered privateers of New Eden. With emphasis on ambush tactics, covert warfare, espionage and general trickery we hope to create a fun and co-operative environment for capsuleers with an interest in the dark side of EvE.

We want :

  • Individual self sufficient pirates to join House of Black Lanterns for evil work and buku PvP targets.
  • Small Piracy groups / corporations to join us under the Black Lanterns alliance banner for evil work and buku PvP targets.
  • Beginner players with a strong interest in the dark arts of Piracy, Deception, Espionage and Covert Warfare to train into self sufficient pirate scumbags.

Recruitment is selective however there is not an SP limit as such. The aim is to be inclusive as possible while not watering down the general theme of active piracy and trickery. All corps and members should share a similar interest in covert tactics and other dark arts in addition to PvP in general. Sweet killboards are a secondary concern next to big payouts and big stories so don’t feel like you need a 50/1 kill to death ratio to play with us. Focus will be much more on discovering new methods of extracting ISK from the unwary, drinking ludicrous quantities of rum and saying many very piratey things in local.

Deployment will be whatever area of space provides the most lucrative targets and bonus points given to big thinkers with new ideas :dealwithitparrot:

Contact Keno Skir or Bear Skillz for further information.

Applications from individuals go to House of Black Lanterns

Applications from corporations go to Black Lanterns alliance.

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Hey Keno…while I am not a candidate for your recruitment drive, I am looking to network with other covert ops specialists in the cluster. Let’s chat soon if you have time.

Me too dude, always up for chatting shop with pretty much anyone. Drop me an EvE-Mail or something o/

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