Order of the Black Dagger [D4GGR] Recruitment now open!

Public recruitment is now open for the Order of the Black Dagger!

If you are interested in honing your PvP skills, and are bored of roaming the same space every night, Order of the Black Dagger might be for you! We are a small gang pirate group who base out of a c3 with low sec static, putting us in an excellent position to pirate all over New Eden. We are open to both new pilots and bitter-vets.

We are looking for pilots who want to:

  • FC fleets.
  • Fight in different parts of space (low, null, WH) in a variety of setups (bubbling a WH, flying in doctrine fleets, baiting with mining barges, etc.)
  • Fly new ships and setups on a regular basis and learn how PvP better.
  • Follow specialized skill paths to ensure that every role in our fleets is filled by someone excellent at it.
  • Engage against impossible odds in cheap ships.
  • Engage against tough odds in expensive ships.
  • Take on leadership roles to help their fellow corp members.

If this is the sort of play-style you’re interested in, you might be right for us. EVEMail Jessie Arr or JAk oliver or join in-game channel “Dagger Pub” to introduce yourself and get more information.

And until then: fly dangerously! o7

Wasup JAk- Ran across you Eve Job post, trolled your KB and couldn’t help but notice you guys look like you are into PvP… Wasn’t sure if you wanted to add a few null sec systems to hold up in and smack some reds around.

Our Alliance owns space is in Tenerifis (2PG and PEK) (Part of MWM) If your Corp is at all interested in some fresh content stop by our discord:

https://discord.gg/hcCgC6e (Wormageddon)

I think we could provide you a ton of fresh content. While you still keep your own identity and goals. We are looking for like minded bro’s who want to have a good time.

-Xeno Dragoon

Recruitment is still open! Come join our public channel “Dagger Pub” and get in on the pew pew.

Join us for blingy kills!

Here are a couple the nicer kills from our Thursday night fleet. Come join us and shoot at things!

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