Black Rebel Rifter Club is taking on new prospects!

Do you enjoy flying around in stripped down frigates that run on fumes and are held together by duct tape and the grace of the great Saint Wensley?

Would you rather open palm slap some guy rather than listen to how many LP he gained afk in an unfit Merlin?

Would you proudly wear spare autocannon drive chains as belts that you may or may not take off to beat some dude who bumped in to you at the bar?

Do you consider drinking beer from un-rinsed mind-flood flasks more of a key part of your morning routine than an interesting aside every other weekend?

Well then this might be the place for you!

All humor aside, we are currently looking for new pilots to help us bring sorrow and disdain to filthy plexers and blobbers in the Black Rise area. We are a small group of cool dudes who just like to fly around and derp in to overwhelming odds for the purpose of glory and beautiful killmails. We usually have 1 or 2 folks on at any given time but are looking to boost that number a bit.

Most of the guys we fly with are very experienced in frigate pvp and are very knowledgeable about all things pew. That being said we fly mainly frigate and cruiser sized hulls. That’s not to say you can’t go create dank kills in your shiney marauder or lose as many of them as you like. We’re never going to harp on you for having fun. The only thing we don’t allow here are stabs and filthy ECM.

We’re pretty loosely organized and are based around solo and small gang pvp


  1. Always honor your 1v1’s
  2. No Ecm
  3. Be respectful to your corpmates

What we offer

  1. A nice little spot in the heart of Black Rise close to as much blapping as your heart can take
  2. A knowledgeable base in regards to fitting and pvp
  3. A cool group of dudes who love pvp
  4. Comms on discord and TS3

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in shoot me a message ingame or join our public channel, Black Rebel Rifter Pub, and ask around for a member!

Safe flights, and may Saint Wensley bless your RF Fusion.



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