Black Rebel Rifter Club - Lowsec Piracy & PvP

So you want to shoot things in the face? Well so do we.

Black Rebel Rifter Club has no skillpoint requirements, all we require is a good attitude and a willingness to cause explosions (the enemy or yourself).

About us:
Lowsec Solo PvP | Lowsec Very Small Gang PvP | Griefing | General Villainy

We’re a low sec pirate corp based out of Ishomilken in The Citadel right next door to Black Rise. Our focus is primarily solo, but we do very small gang pvp as well. Although we specialize in frigates/cruisers, we can fly the big stuff and explode gloriously for the sake of explosions and good fun. We’re not a corp that cares a lot about ‘efficiency’. We are a corp that cares about fights and getting in them, and having fun, the odds be damned.

Most of us are EU and US timezone, but we do have those late night creatures who play in the AUS tz as well.

We do have 3 simple rules.

  1. You honour agreed upon 1vs1’s
  2. You honour any ransoms if you offer them.
  3. You do not use ECM (of any kind) or links.
    Break them and we kick you.

Here’s the run down on who we are and what we’re about.

Follow these instructions and apply on our forums.
After you’ve done this you may apply in-game.

Our public channel in game is “Black Rebel Rifter Pub” where you’re welcome to ask any questions or hang out.

Contact Jameson2011,BigNtall, Tox Uitra, xxMACKxx or Sem Skord in game for any questions you may have.

Happy Hunting o7


I love the BRRC, happy to see they are still around, great group of pilots. Always up for a good fight, whenever I see them

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Cut your teeth with us!

Still shootin’, still recruitin’

Just fought a few BRRC pilots… must say top tier fights and good dudes! Thanks for the content

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