The Black Rebel Rifter Club is recruiting - Get your YARR on!

So you want to shoot things in the face? Well so do we.

Black Rebel Rifter Club has no skillpoint requirements, all we require is a good attitude and a willingness to cause explosions (the enemy or yourself).

About us:
Lowsec Solo PvP | Lowsec Very Small Gang PvP | Griefing | General Villainy

We’re a low sec pirate corp based out of Ishomilken in The Citadel right next door to Black Rise. Our focus is both solo and very small gang pvp. Although we specialize in frigates/cruisers, we can fly the big stuff and explode gloriously for the sake of explosions and good fun. We’re not a corp that cares a lot about ‘efficiency’. We are a corp that cares about fights and getting in them, and having fun, the odds be damned.

Most of us are EU and US timezone, but we do have those late-night creatures who play in the AUS tz as well.

We have 3 simple rules.

  1. You honour agreed upon 1vs1’s
  2. You honour any ransoms if you offer them.
  3. You do not use ECM (of any kind) or links.
    Break them and we kick you.

Our public channel in game is “BRRC Pub” where you’re welcome to ask any questions or send an in game mail me our recruiter or failing that our CEO, Sem Skord. Both of us will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

So why might we be the corp for you?

  • You like PvP.
  • You like flying solo or in very small groups.
  • You’re okay with losing ships.
  • You’re self-sufficient.
  • You like operating by yourself and sometimes taking initiative while being part of a larger social environment.
  • You enjoy flying smaller hulls: T1 frigs, inties, assault frigs, electronic attack frigs, bombers, and up to cruisers et all.
  • You read Wensley’s Rifter Guide and decided that he is now your god and you want to be just like him.
  • You’re not bothered that half your corp is made up out of (otherwise really nice) people who also grief and scam on occasion (or a lot).
  • You enjoy an active forum community.
  • You’re capable of distinguishing between how somebody acts in game and the real person behind the keyboard.

When are we definitely not the corp for you?

  • You hate PvP.
  • You like flying in highly organized T2 gangs with recon, logistics, etc.
  • You always want to be on comms for any form of PvP.
  • You think griefing should be banned from EVE.
  • You think rules and protocols are the best thing ever.
  • You’re easily offended.

What do we offer?

  • A social environment.
  • Some extremely knowledgeable players that you can bug with questions.
  • Lots of people that like to fly small stuff and chat about it.
  • A place where you can just PvP without people giving you ■■■■■■■■ about losses or making fun of you for trying something quirky.
  • Very active forum community.
  • Very low drama.

When might we also be good for you?

You want to get into piracy, but nobody ‘good’ will take you because you don’t have the right amount of SP/skills/experience/whatever. Well R1FTA has a pretty solid reputation in the larger pirate/lowsec community and actively flying with us for 6+ months or so will probably seriously increase your chances of moving on somewhere else in said community. And we don’t mind being used like that provided you’re honest and upfront about it, because things like that have to go both ways.

What else?

We’re actually really quite friendly people, despite our in-game villainous ways. We have people ranging in age from 16 to 65 from across all time zones. We’re also always willing to help people with fitting advice or answer questions in corp chat. We try to keep real life views and politics outside of the corp as much as possible our stance on this is something like, “The two subjects you never raise in civilized company are religion and politics.” Of course, it sometimes happens, but we try to keep EVE a game and a place of escapism and to check our real life baggage at the login screen as much as possible.

As is to be expected from a heavily solo oriented corporation our members can be found all over New Eden. Simply put, you can base from wherever you want or live the life of a nomad. A number of our members are very active in the larger EVE community. We have bloggers, #tweetfleet aficionado’s, and people that participate in community events. We have no “blues” and we don’t plan on ever having any, either.

Our public channel in game is “BRRC Pub” where you’re welcome to ask any questions if somebody in the know is around. Join the Pub and get in touch with T’KNaath or Sem Skord for more info.

Become a Black Jacket and get your yarr on!!

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Want to wear our patch and become a Black Jacket? Our doors are open.

Our doors are open. If you’re interested in pvp, get in touch,

Had a good response so far to this add but still looking for more pilots. Think you’ve got what it takes to become a Black Jacket. Get in touch :slight_smile:

Get you’re yarr on people. We’re nice people having fun blowing things up. You could be too.

Looking for a chill Lowsec PvP corp? Come play with us… we don’t bite :wink:

Help make lowsec great again. Join up now for explosions galore!

The rougher the seas, the smoother we sail. Ahoy! Come sail with us.

You’re sat at the bar in a pub. The barman finishes drawing a pint for you and puts it on the bar in front of you, it spills a little. A group of rough looking miners are sat in the back corner arm wrestling each other. Clearly very drunk. Suddenly the door slams open and two guys in black leather jackets stroll in grinning. They take seats at either side of you and order drinks. One of them elbows you and motions towards the bowl on the bar. “Don’t eat the nuts” he says. The other one elbows you as well and grunts almost incomprehensibly “Wer recrutin’ y’know…” He tugs at his leather jacket showing it to you “Wanna get yerself one ov these…?”

He stares at you expectantly.

What do you do?

Still recruiting!

Want to have fun and blow things up with us? Join our public channel BRRC Pub or mail me in game.

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