Black Rebel Rifter Club - Lowsec Piracy & PvP

So you want to shoot things in the face? Well so do we.

Black Rebel Rifter Club has no skillpoint requirements, all we require is a good attitude and a willingness to cause explosions (the enemy or yourself).

About us:
Lowsec Solo PvP | Lowsec Very Small Gang PvP | Griefing | General Villainy

We’re a low sec pirate corp based out of Avenod in Metropolis. We’re a quick frigate ride from Heimatar or Amarr FW regions. Our focus is both solo and very small gang pvp. Although we specialize in frigates/cruisers, we can fly the big stuff and explode gloriously for the sake of explosions and good fun. We’re not a corp that cares a lot about ‘efficiency’. We are a corp that cares about fights and getting in them, and having fun, the odds be damned.

Most of us are EU and US timezone, but we do have those late night creatures who play in the AUS tz as well.

We do have 3 simple rules.

  1. You honour agreed upon 1vs1’s
  2. You honour any ransoms if you offer them.
  3. You do not use ECM (of any kind) or links.
    Break them and we kick you.

Here’s the run down on who we are and what we’re about.

Follow these instructions and post your introduction on our forums.
After you’ve done this you may apply in-game.

Our public channel in game is “BRRC Pub” where you’re welcome to ask any questions or send an in game mail to:

R1FTA Directorate - Tox Uitra, kage Huren
R1FTA Vice Prez - Jameson2011
R1FTA Prez - Sem Skord

Become a Black Jacket and get your yarr on!!

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Lol. What is your beef with ECM?

:slight_smile: Xeux.

We fly for explosions, ours or theirs, not for avoiding them, or dragging things out.

Simple commitment… Make a choice and stick to your guns…


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Then why allow ransoms?

Does that include nos and nuets as well?

Great bunch of lads, consider this a free bump

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Neuts and nos are allowed Sakir! Although I don’t like em very much :slight_smile:

Ransoms are cool although the do reduce explosions they have a nice piratic feeling about them - and are always honored by R1fta members!

The only form of ECM we don’t allow are anything that jams other ships.

Much love!

Sometimes a ship just won’t go down or you’ve lost a lot of rifters and need to replenish your supply. A ransom is an excellent method of payment that helps both parties achieve their end goals :slight_smile:
All hail the autocannon!

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Weird anti-ECM roleplayers. ECM is pretty dumb since CCP changed the mechanics anyway.

:slight_smile: But a great bunch of pilots to fly solo with. Sometimes we even do things together!

Pop into the Pub and say Hi!

Turn the safety off and put your finger on the trigger. Fly with R1FTA


There is a safety?

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The safety was removed as superfluous weight in the last overhaul of the Boundless Creation Model XR-200 200mm AutoCannon.

Still looking for nutters!

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Some of the best in low-sec. Great Dudes… If you want to break-into low sec PVP this is the group to do it with

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Just give it Hail S lovin’

Pop in and say Hi if you’re at all interested.

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Bump for food friends

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No ECM? What about damps? Tracking disruption? Neuts you already covered.

Just Jammers…

The ones effected by the Electronic Warfare skill in game, modules with ECM or Burst Jammer in their names…

Anybody want to pop into our Pub and say hi? :slight_smile: