Black Fox Marauders - Recruiting!

Recruitment is now open!

We are Black Fox Marauders, marauding is what we do. We are a PVP corp that lives in Lowsec and operates on a NBSI policy Pirate.

Currently we are heaviest in the US TZ. Recruitment is selective and has more to do with attitude than anything else. We are a group of people that loves to get out and bring the fight while constantly trying to improve.

Some recent mentions:

Why join us?

1- We like to blow things up

2- We have our own logistics. If you need stuff moved in from the trade hub (Jita), we can get it done that day, possible within minuets.

3- We have people that love everything from solo to 100+ gangs. Some are specialists, most are generalists.

4- We have active leadership and are constantly reviewing what we want/need to make it easier to blow things up.

What we need and expect from you:

Activity and a desire to PVP (please note, RL comes first for all of us, there are no Call To Actions).
10 Million SP.
Full API for background Checks.
Mature (Must be at least 18 years old). It is ok to be a **** to your enemy, never to your friends.
The desire to get out and do things without anyone holding your hand. Yes we run fleets, as do our friends in the militia, this doesn’t mean you sit around spinning and complaining there is nothing to do when there isn’t one, just start one or go solo.
Teamspeak 3 (including mic). Live in Lowsec. We operate on a rotating schedule of Marauding (forward deployments) and R&R (going home for some solo/restock/planning time).
Must want to improve (Tournament level piloting is the goal).
Please note that we don’t accept alts, but you are welcome to dump them into FDU.
Please no recently purchased toons within the last six months.
How to apply:

Visit us in our Public Channel: ‘BLFOX’ and talk to us and our recruiters (Roy, or MP). If our recruiters are busy blowing stuff up just be patient and give us a few minutes. If one of our recruiters isn’t there feel free to talk to the other members they will catch us up when we log in.

All accepted pilots start on a trial period to make sure the fit works for both us and you. If the fit doesn’t work out and you want to stay in FW we will try and help you find a new home.

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Recruitment Still Open.

Recruitment Still Open.

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