Black Rams Low-Sec PVP get your horns and come feast with us!


If you’re looking for some intense, heart-racing PVP experiences and the thrill of pirate life, then low security space has you covered. You can join a host of nano- and small-gang fleets and get a firsthand feel for what pirate life is like. Recruitment is always open, so don’t be afraid to take the plunge and try your hand at becoming a notorious outlaw. You could even hop onboard a Black-Ops ship and venture deep into nullsec to carry out clandestine operations and come back with a hefty payout. It’s all waiting for you in lowsec.

What we offer

  • EU/AU Timezone
  • Small gang/Nano, Black-Ops, ESS, Filament,
  • PVP training


  • Working Microphone
  • Active ingame and Discord
  • Skill for doctrine ships
  • Minimum 15.000.000 Skillpoints

Interested to join: BR Pub.

Recruitment Open. Alpha Omega welcome.

Looking for hungry PVP pilots!

Changed Discord Invite,

Recruitment of PVP pilot’s is open

Recrtuitment open

Recruitment Open.

Looking for newbro’s interested in PVP
Looking for Black-ops and Cloaky pilots.

Recruitment open

Recruitment open

Looking for PVP pilot’s

Changed Advert recruitment Open

bump recruiting

Recruitment open to grow our fleets. Roams several times a week.

recruitment open.

Looking for those kill hungry hunters

New Requiremnets for Pilot’s updated.

Recruitment Open

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