Black Rabbits is recruiting PvPers! (Guristas Pirates)

Black Rabbits is recruiting all Pirates!

We are a pvp pirate corp that takes pirating as our main focus and core content. We do gate camps, Ransoming, ESS bank heists, Guristas Militia Insurgencies, Black Ops, Gang Roams, Mercenary Contracts, and other Illicit activities.

★ Follow amazing FCs in piracy and plunder
★ Easy isk making
★ NewBro Training for PvP
★ Must have working headset
★ Fly with the the most cunning and brilliant pirates in New Eden

Join our Discord for more information: Guristas Command

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still recruiting pvpers

Join if you are an pirate or want to be!

Looking for pirates!

Join for amazing pvp!

Recruiting pirates and pvpers!

Looking for more pirate minded players

Pirates join today!

Looking for more!

Join today for piracy!

Recruitment still open

Looking for pvpers!

Looking for pirates to join!

Looking for pvpers!

Looking for pirates!

Friendly bump :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m interested for sure

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