Black Rams [BRAMS] Low-sec PvP Corp

Black Rams is recruiting!

We are looking for active players of all timezones.
PvP is central to our core but we do several forms of PvE to fund our PvP.


  • Headset + Mic.
  • Have Discord
  • Basic understanding of english.
  • Train for Doctrine ships.

What we offer:

  • Low/Nul-sec PvP.
  • Small gang PvP.
  • Cov/Black-Ops.
  • PvP training.
  • FC training.
  • Industry and Logistical support.

Are you interested? join our ingame channel: BR Pub. or Discord

Tengu Drag Queens
Black Rams Kill compilation
The Void

Recruitment Open

Recruitment open. Alpha and Omega pilot’s welcome

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