Gnosis, Jack of all trades or waste of ISK

It’s been a long time for me to start another discussion of EVE. If you got free time to read, this would be a bit of long paragraph.

Ok so, as you all have read the topic, you all may think that some alpha using this ship, good for Exploration, better flexibility, bad for this and that etc.

I had been doing mining for my income and it pretty well generates about 1 million ISK/hr for me and that’s great but with various recommendations do this and that. I thought of PvE in Wormhole Space (WS) with my Drake as it was recommended but PvE didn’t work out well because of my lacking in skills. Exploration was one of my favorite and difficult jobs for me since it is hard to hack containers with my level 1 analyzer so soon I quit it and started mining. But the income didn’t cope with my expenses and a dream to buy powerful stuff. But soon I again started exploring but this time I was prepared and I was able to generate 11 million ISK on my first exploration. I could generate much more but I failed in hacking some container since they were too hard for me to hack. I was very satisfied with my income so I decided to buy Gnosis but I need to know more about it. So, this is how the topic began.

So, I want some information from EVE professionals regarding Gnosis as what it really is? Does it worth my ISK? Will it run C1 and C2 sites easily? Is it good for exploration and a bit of PvE in the case when things go out of control etc…

If it’s good and worth my ISK, mention some fittings also.

Thanks for reading my paragraph patiently!

At 1m isk/hr nothing is worth your isk or time. (edit: to clarify on this, get a part-time job and work for 3 hours a week, buy plex and sell on the market, you’ll end up making billions every week. You have fun with PVE now which is great, but I promise that won’t last).

Go get a Vexor, take it to a nullsec renter corp, and make 20x that. If roamers kill your Vexor, ship a new one in. They pay for themselves in no time.

If you go omega, ship up to a VNI and do better still.


And as I suppose I didn’t answer your question about the gnosis specifically…

It’s as you say a jack of all and master of none. I wouldn’t use it for exploration, but you can PVE with it for sure. I’ve no experience with wormhole life so I’ll leave that to someone who does have experience.

Will it work? Yes. Would it be your ideal solution? Probably not.

i would not use a battlecruiser or battleship in a wormhole
use a cruiser … they are faster . .cheap … easy to fit

yea the gnosis is a good ship … at the moment they are cheap too … they are a bit of everything

by the way … 1 million isk in a hour is near nothing … sorry to ay that so direct …
your char is from 14th April 2018 so you should have some skills to make more isk

if you have problems to make better isk (i guess you are alpha?) you can find help at EVE Uiversity or at a new player friendly corp in high sec or safe space
i saw you was in some corps befor but only for short time … i dont know why
but i recommand that you look for some guys to have a little fun with and make better isk to buy you some stuff for more fun

hope i could help a bit

enjoy EVE


Very good ship. Very versatile. I used them a lot in low sec piracy.

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i know in my particular experience with wh life i usually start with a cruiser to blap sleepers in mining sites and gas sites (avoid ordinary perimeter reservoirs of course) so if you lose your gnosis i’d recommend a t1 cruiser of your choice (they’ll be cheaper but relatively similar effectiveness). i also will say pick up a corp because the combat sites in wormholes especially for new players will be difficult and you will need to team up to complete them before you figure out a battlecruiser or a battleship to run them solo.

Gnosis is a powerhouse if used correctly, you should probably start using it correctly.

1 mil per hour??

Bruh, I make that in 17 seconds mining, 30 if I’m using 1 account.

I like the Gnosis. It isn’t a great ship, but its a very accessable ship for people starting out with low skills. However, for the purpose you stated, I’d use something else. I think you’d be better of using just whatever else cruiser or battlecruiser you are best trained in and if you really need a scanning bonus then just sacrifice rigs and stick a T2 scanning rig in it. It eats a ton of calibration so you’ll have to scale down your remaining rig slots to T1 or just go with 2 rigs total instead of 3, but its ok, try it out.

If you want a real jack of all trades then a T3C with a mobile depot and sub systems stored in its sub system bay is the way to go.

Gnosis is a great ship for lower skilled players - very accessible as stated above, and versatile. I wouldn’t take the thing in a wormhole at your level though - you’ll lose it sooner or later.

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that ship’s been the go-to for awoxers for a long time.

A ship is not a master of anything. It’s pilot is the master (or not the master, in your case). It is a poor craftsman that blames his tools. There is a sentence in the Sebiestor description that has always resonated with me: “Masters of deriving solutions from impossible circumstances, Sebiestor engineers believe they can build anything, with anything, out of anything.” Some people understand this. Some people can’t.


Why can’t it be both?

Oh please. This screams of “I wanted to disagree so I’m going to say something that doesn’t fit”.

The expression relates to the concept that the subject of the statement performs a number of different roles, but does not excel in any particular role.

The competence of the pilot and how effectively they use their ship is utterly irrelevant to the statement regarding the capabilities of the hull.

Don’t believe me? Try and be a roaming scout in a titan. Go grab tackle on something. Best pilot in the verse would suck balls at that regardless of how much practice or mastery they have as a pilot. An interceptor though, THAT would excel at tackle. Almost… like it was designed for it.

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It’s great pirate bait, people see a Gnosis and assume the pilot is new, It’s actually a very strong ship and highly under-rated imo, and for under 70mil for the ship and a full t2 fit… it’s a steal!

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Gnosis has disproportionately high scan res. That is all.

It is slow and hasn’t got any application or projection bonuses- kiting and sniping are off the table, so you had better be equipped to survive a brawl.

Not bad ship if you can’t really fly anything else.

It is the best ship low skill char can use. And the cheapiest battlecruiser atm. So it is very good in sence of price/effectivity. Specialized ships can do better but for much bigger price.

Never been in one as its frickin hideous

Like all other SoCT ships, the gnosis is a two time gift from CCP. Gifts are always nice and all but replacing rare items it more difficult than buying or making any other ship.