Gnosis Insurance

Previously had this ship insured, but it had ran out and I wanted to use it. BUT I can only insure it for a payout of 3.00 ISK with a cost of 0.90 ISK to insure. Like WTF?? Other destroyers and battlecruisers I have can insure normally, as in getting from a couple of hundred thousand to a few hundred thousand ISK. Is this a bug anyone know?


Time to upgrade!

It’s because these ships are given out for free. They have no underlying mineral/extrinsic value.



Insurance payout is based on the mineral value when produced, not other components just the basic mineral value. Since those ships are not produced but they’re handed out they have no mineral value and thus the payout sucks. This is also why the payout for faction, pirate and T2/T3 ships sucks as the cost and market value of the ship isn’t the basic minerals but but the BP(C) or other construction parts, those are not counted.


Maybe find a crew that srp’s gnosis?

That was a joke ofc…

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No I am Omega

Then what do you need the insurance for? lol

Probably wants insurance to cover loss of modules. Since insurance doesn’t even cover that for “real” ships. I can undock and go crap didn’t insure. Oh wait…between the modules and ammo it doesn’t really matter lol.

Nope…with Gnosis I get a message saying ’ Your ship is not worth insuring’.

Insurance is based on production value. To build a Gnosis, you need 1 Tritanium. Your insurance value is more than fine.

In fact, Gnosises (and by extension all SOCT ships) should be banned for use of characters older than 3 months or with more than 5M SP. They were introduced as trial ship for new players to test bigger ship classes without the need to heavily specialize their skills or train long skill chains for specific ships. Ever since, though, they are being abused by older players and replace actual CBC, BS and Destroyers. This harms producers, marketers, resource harvesters and PVPers alike. This needs to be reigned in and rectified.

This is not healthy or beneficial to the game:

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Don’t get blown up - Simple

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Some truth in there. Tbh, they shouldn’t be outright banned or removed, they could serve as quick entry-level ships for people who want to participate in certain activities even when having very low skills. And having the SoCT ships in game allows newbs to focus on module training (weapons, support skills etc…) and just use a SoCT hull instead of needing to go up the full ship skill tree as well before getting some noticable performance.

HOWEVER: They are much too strong, especially considered their costs and skill requirements. They are for most parts even better than most of the racial ships of their class, allowing to get a full weapon system bonus right from the start for every weapon system available and a ridiculously nice slot layout plus an instanly quick align time.

What they should change is:

  • only 20% instead of 25% bonus for the weapon systems, so a fully skilled racial ship will always be superior in damage output
  • only 40 MBit Drone bandwith for the Gnosis (4 medium drones max), 100 for the Praxis is okay
  • remove the Command Burst Ability from the Gnosis, new players don’t need that and they already get the Probe Strength Bonus as Role Bonus
  • increase their aligntime by at least 25%
  • cut down CPU and PG to make sure they can’t combine the largest weapon types/neuts with capmods+tank, probably -20-25% for both
  • cut down ScanResolution to below that of the racial ships (would mean approx -40%).
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Gnobody gnows Gnosis like Gnosis R Us!

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Special offer! Gnosis doubling service: You contract me your Gnosis for double the insurance payout. :wink:


FEIDO™ has been trying to reach you about your ship’s extended warranty…

Don’t listen to @Uriel_the_Flame , he is outside your station waiting to gank you in a navy ibis armed with snowball launchers. Contract it to me and I will get it safely past him safely.


For all I care, they can stay as strong as they are. Their originally envisioned usage scenario was to give newbs a glimps at what bigger ships can do. That is totally fine. As long as they can ONLY be used by new players.

Then you would have to make SoCT ships require special skills, only provided by some one-time ExpertSystem. You get that one gifted at character creation, it can be redeemed during the first 180days and then runs 180days, so it is only usable during the first year of your characters existence.

But why hard-limiting them if they could be designed in a way that the normal ships become simply better as soon as you skill for them?