Why can’t I get my ship insured properly they offering me a cost of 1 isk for a 4isk insurance payement that ridiculus

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Jove ships have no insurance as they are provided to the playerbase for free as gifts often.

They are also cheaper than a more specialised ship, and have no real piloting requirements.

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Presently I have a Sunesis destroyer And I’m in <url=showinfo:2501//60015139 alt=‘Current Station’>Abudban IV - Tribal Liberation Force Logistic Support I don’t know why I cant get insurance for the ship

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I just told you though

Sunesis is a Jove ship

Brilliant little ninja salvager. It can align faster than a shuttle if set up right

OK Thanking you


Youre welcome :slight_smile:

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Insurance is calculated from the mineral prices required to build the ship. Jove ships all take 1 trit to build IMHO.

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