What is ship insurance

what is ship insurance, do you get a free ship after you lost your ship if you insured it? do I need to insure it?

You get some ISK back in your pocket upon the destruction of the ship.
You don’t get a free ship.

You don’t need to. It may be helpful for newer players who are short on isk, or large ships like Dreads (which are already very likely to die in fights). Otherwise, it’s really up to you.


It is just like your car, if it breaks you get some money back, it doesn’t magically spawn a new car in your driveway.

Do you have to? That’s up to you and if you think its worth it + if you think somewhere during the time the insurance last you will lose the ship

There are a few gotchas with ship insurance:

  1. It does not cover the cost of any fittings.
  2. It does not cover the ship market price, mainly the build material cost.
  3. You automatically have insurance at a 40% rate at no cost.

Ships which have most of their value in the cost or rarity of their blueprint, such as the Astero, will not pay much in insurance. The cost of insurance is in proportion to the payout, though, so it’s never a bad idea if you expect to lose a ship before your insurance expires or is invalidated by going Criminal and being shot by CONCORD. Just don’t expect to be paid what the ship was worth when you lose it, and expect to be paid much less than that for some.

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I am only (old enough to play EVE)

Welcome to the game.

It’s a tough game at times, but don’t give up. There are some bad people who you’ll come across, but there are also some really good people.

When you’re playing there are a few chat channels that you may wish to check out that I think you’ll find helpful

Rookie Chat
There are no ‘silly’ questions here and it’s friendly channel with helpful people who are more than happy to help new players with tips and so on.

Broadcast for Reps and also Broadcast4Reps
In theory, both of these channels are primarily aimed at people in mental health distress, but they’re fairly relaxed, and so (given your age) if there’s anything or anyone in the game who you find distressing or upsetting, feel free to pop in and have a chat - when I play I tend to keep an eye on these channels so feel free to say ‘hi’.

I hope this is helpful.

If you know you will lose a ship, it’s worth insuring it at higher levels. You’ll always get more out than you put in. It may not be the actual value of the ship (T1 tends to be close. Faction and T2 aren’t. That’s a deliberate choice in how the insurance value is created)

There’s a couple of missions in the tutorial where insuring your ship is a complete no brainer. Because in one they give you a ship, and tell you it will explode when it reaches a specific structure.

(morale: Always read the mission text :wink: for that mission, you will lose the ship, and anything on it.)


Are you aware that you could easily find the answer to many of the questions you’re asking in the documentation readily available?


Are you aware that you are replying to a thread in New Players Q&A, where New Players can ask their questions and have them answered, even if it is for the 100.000th time

are you aware that OP is not allowed to play if he is 11 years old?

" 18 YEARS



So what? WTF are you on about? How is giving an answer better than telling the person asking where/how he could have figured the answer by himself?

Because of course none of us ever broke the rules, right? Not once. We were all angelic little people. We never snuck into the cinema to watch films that were possibly too old for us, we never stayed up later than our bedtime, and none of us ever drank the odd bit of wine here and there before we were allowed to legally? Right? None of that.

I think it’s almost inevitable that there will be people from time to time, and @Eruch_Von_Manstein is maybe one of these people, where they start playing stuff a bit earlier than they should. In truth, I suspect that there are more than a few players in Eve who are under 18, he just happens to have been upfront and honest about it, whereas maybe they haven’t been.

On paper he may have broken the rules, and that’s true, but he’s hardly some kind of super miscreant, is he? He’s just a kid who like spaceships. I think that’s pretty cool personally and if I can help him, I will try to because in him I see a little bit of me when I was 11.

It’d be nice if people were a bit generously kind towards young people like this, rather than self righteously condemning them the minute they stretch a toe across the line.

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(brings out the ruler)

"Back in muh day… "

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The EULA actually contradicts itself about age requirements, but items 23 and 24 cover this situation adequately, and ultimately, the OP is creating risk for CCP that CCP cannot tolerate due to really aggressively written laws.

  1. If you are between 13 and 18 years of age, you must have the permission of your parent or guardian to before providing the personal information required to create an EVE Online game or website account.

  2. In compliance with The Children’s Online Privacy Act of April, 2000, we cannot provide subscriptions to individuals under the age of 13. If you are under the age of 13, you may not create an EVE Online account and you are not eligible to enter contests or promotions.

Eh… let’s just pretend we didn’t see any ages be thrown around here.

I bet money that the OP will be harpooned in the near future and take flight into RL of his own recognizance. :wink:

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Oh no am I in trouble?

Yeah, I am just a kid like Alex Petroski. Thank you for your understanding.

  1. i answered to most previous posts from OP, gave him some advices and links to guides
    So i think that i already helped him regularly
    for example, read:
    Modules to boost capacitor abilities
    In what case do players attack each other?

so no need to try to teach me something about helping new players etc

  1. EULA rules are often used by some people on this forum to justify their answers. For example, in a recent post, a guy asked whether he could use a VPN to pay his eve subscription in another country to pay less money.

  2. YOU decide that 11 years old is ok to play eve, CCP decides otherwise. I find it a bit too young. That’s my opnion, you can have yours, it is a forum.

Just calm down?

CCP didn’t even make that decision - the USA federal government did, and any company seeking to sell services online to citizens of the USA is stuck with following those laws. I’m relatively certain that other countries have similar stuff, too, (it wouldn’t surprise me if GDPR covers this) but can only readily speak to the USA iteration. COPPA basically sets out that the personal data of children under the age of 13 has some extensive privacy protection rules - which make it virtually impossible to actually keep the necessary data for the purpose of supporting an account on their behalf. Seriously, just having a child’s real name is a problem. So the video game industry doesn’t accept accounts from players under this age, unless they are running a game that has pretty much zero user data capture possible.