Is the insuarnce correct?

can someone please explain how this makes sense?

Insurance in this game isn’t meant to replace your ship - especially not at the amount you would be paying for it. However as you can see you would still get a better payout than cost so it’s generally worth it if you expect to lose your ship.

The follow on to that is the ubiquitous: “Don’t fly anything you can’t afford to lose”

Fly safe friend!

Insurance is based roughly on materials needed to build the ship. Thats why SoCT ships not worth to insure cause they are built with 1 trit.

Insurance is a scam (in this game)

It’s not worth it.

i only insure T1 ships that I’m actively undocking for a roam

The last time I insured a ship it was a Revelation I knew was shortly going to die in a dreadbomb.

10 minutes later: insurance payout.


I believe the payout calculation looks solely at the number of minerals required to build the item. It ignores all other input items, so ships that do not require as much minerals anymore and need non-mineral inputs (ex: dreads, battleships) and new hulls not requiring minerals (SoCT, Trig) will have depressed insurance cost & payout.

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It’s correct, and it makes sense.

Insurance replaces the (minable) minerals for building your ship. If you want to fly cheap T1 ships and blow them up, insurance will cover a lot of your losses. If you decide to go skydiving in a Ferrari, no insurance company will cover you.

Specifically, if your ship needs:

  • A rare blueprint to make
  • Rare materials to make

The insurance won’t cover this.

@Strainfour20 assuming you do the training missions ( aka career agents ) there are 2 tasks that you can profit by insuring your ship to the max.

Soldier of Fortune
Angel of Mercy #2 of 10 and The Stand #5 of 10 require you to fly a frigate to its destruction. Do not fit any modules on it other than what you need to complete the mission, and get it Platinum-level insured before you undock for a quick and easy pay-out on mission completion.

Since the ship is free and meant to be destroyed, you will be paid extra for its destruction. Otherwise insurance is just a scam for anyone who knows how to be careful. Never to fly what you can’t afford to lose.


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