Ship insurance should cover something closer to the cost of a new hull

Recently, I had a Skiff get blown up. That sucked.

What really sucked though, is that although I had platinum insurance, I only got 66m. The price of a new Skiff hull is 240m in Jita.

Why doesn’t insurance cover a reasonable amount of the replacement cost?

insurance is only to cover mineral value. it works to cover close to the cost of a fit T1 ship but not faction or T2 this is a good thing and how it should be. if you just got the cost of the ship back when it died there would be no real risk


There’s so many insurance scams there really shouldn’t be any insurance outside of high-sec.

What Lugh said. Typically even with a T1 hull when you factor everything in you still come up short with insurance. It is to make losses more meaningful. And with T2 this is even moreso. So…working as intended. Hence the primary rule of EVE, do not fly a ship you can’t afford to lose (i.e. replace).


To echo what the posters above have said…

Consider this: The “Insurance System”** was devised as a way to mitigate loss for younger, poorer players so they could get back on their feet faster and/or engage in ship-on-ship combat / conflict with less fear.

It was not meant as a way to “replace” ships or effectively negate loss.

This goes doubly so for older, richer players who can fly more “high performance” ships (like Faction, Tech 2, Pirate, and Tech 3).
The loss of those ships is supposed to hurt for the increase in abilities (on top of the higher price tag).


** Note: I put “Insurance System” in quotes because it is not really a true insurance system. A real insurance system would penalize people for engaging in combat or doing anything even remotely risky… like operating in a place where ganks can potentially happen.
Looking at your killboard, it seems that you lost a Skiff in a wormhole system.
No true insurance company, in their right minds, would fully insure a ship that ventures into a place that is effectively “Mad Max in space.”


It shouldn’t named as “insurance” then. And many should not use it.

Actually current insurance system does have a problems.

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What kind of problems? Compared to the old highly abused system it is a spotless piece of code that’s working as intended.


It may make sense to not insure T2 ships.

But in that case, insurance shouldn’t be offered for these ships in the first place. It’s not exactly user-friendly to have an interface that offers insurance, says “Ship Uninsured” in red letters, and then gives you useless insurance.

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Something is better than nothing. The amount you get from insurance is the mineral cost of what it took to build the ship. Why would the insurance company give you an inflated amount for a ship that only costs a fraction of that to build?



  • Teir 3 (Attack) Battlecruisers in EVE are not really “battlecruisers” in a contemporary sense. They are more akin to “Heavy Cruisers” or “Pocket Battleships.”
  • Moon Mining is “mining” in the same sense that panning for gold is mining. It is simply blowing off a chunk of a moon and sifting through the debris.
  • Pulse Lasers and Beam Lasers are not really “lasers” the way we understand them. Real lasers are simply light that has been concentrated into a single beam and deal damage by continuously focusing on a single point until it melts. For whatever reason, Lasers in EVE will pulse and deal damage. And on the visible spectrum too! (and let’s not get started on the crystal names)
  • Physics in EVE are not really “physics” as it truly is. Yet we call it as such.

Misnomers are quite common in games (and even in RL). As long as the “spirit” of something checks out and people are more or less on the same page, I do not think it is necessary to split hairs over terminology.
(though, I know there are hyper-detail oriented people out there who will disagree with me… and I am perfectly content to watch them fume :wink:).


It doesn’t. It is not supposed to.

So ignore it.

Though… as Stoner points out, getting a little insurance out of an expensive hull is better than getting nothing at all.

Sorry to nitpick… but the cost of T2 and T3 ships is the way it is due to research and/or moon / salvage materials.

Neither of those things are factored into insurance. Only the straight minerals are.
Even if the insurance system does factor in moon / salvage materials, it will not be able to do the same with regards to rarity (which is why Navy and Pirate ships command a higher market price despite the low build cost) and research. Those last two things are almost entirely up to the whims of players. :slight_smile:


There are a few ships where the insurance payout is almost equivalent to the cost of the ship. A Charon freighter, for example. But that’s just to cover the hull, not fittings…

Is insurance offered on any ship? Or is it just available? I don’t remember the ui offering to insure me anything. Ive always had to go look myself. There is an important difference when you consider your argument.

And some honest advice while playing eve lyth; always read the text. Before you insure your ships it tells you exactly what the payout will be for each level of insurance. You accepted it. And you still got more isk than you spent on insurance.

The problem with insurance is that it generates quite a bit of isk. But thats all.


I have yet to be offered insurance…and I usually forget to insure my ships. :stuck_out_tongue:

Simply available.

And when you try to insure a ship, a pop-up window appears showing what tiers of insurance are available, how much you will spend on each tier of insurance, and how much each tier will be pay out.
And you have to press “confirm.”

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Dont forget the game also doesnt tell you a ship’s previous insurance has expired until you open that dialog in the first place.

it’s not like when you go to insure it, it doesn’t show you how much the payout is… and you do still get back more than you would if you didn’t

that is how its supposed to be for T1 though

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