Structure insurance

With pvp corp’s wardecking like crazy now, picking on the little guys…
We find more and more pvp corps, ransoming small corps for ridiculous fees or they threaten to destroy your assets.
why can’t we have insurance for our structures? it can be the same principle as with ships with multiple levels of coverage to suite your wallet, same 3 month plans. so when you get wardecked & loose your structure(s), it’s not a complete 100% loss, go back to start & do it all over again from scratch.

As long as it is a 7 days until the coverage kicks in, that could be good.

That would then require Corps to have coverage already, before a war starts and not just wait until wardecced so they can help minimise loss that they already know is going to happen.

LOL, you already have 100% asset safety, and now you also want insurance? The insurance would be like it is for ships. Stupidly expensive and not anywhere remotely close to covering the loss…

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It’s not needed.

now see, that’s a good idea & a fair compromises

one can easily move assets out, it’s the structure itself, one spends billions on in the building materials (mostly in the rigs) that’s the losses small corps like me want to re-coup

Insurance has never covered the cost of fitting and rigs on ships, so why would it on structures? And again, the payout isn’t even remotely close to what your loss will be. Take the Golem, for example. A Golem in Jita right now costs 1.7 billion ISK bare, no rigs, no fittings, just the hull. The platinum insurance payout for a Golem is only 528 million ISK, barely 33% of the hull cost. So, If you are flying around in a 4 billion ISK Golem, you get a whopping 528 million for your loss…

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