Is it possible to raise the in game Platinum insurance for capitals? Specifically Dreads. A fully fit Revelation is about 5B. You only get like 300m in insurance which barely pays for a gun.

Hulls are around 4b on publics. I have a feeling that when this was made dreads were 1b

The insurance payout is a pre-determined amount for each ship hull, mainly based on the estimated value of the materials required to construct the ship, with other factors playing into the final value to a lesser extent, such as ship type itself. The estimated market value of the ship hull itself is not considered to determine insurance values

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Not sure what the cost to build is on it. Thank you for the info!
Its probably pretty hard to determine the market value most of its sold via contracts.

Alternative proposal: we don’t give more money to the wealthiest players, and instead get rid of even the default insurance payouts for any ship that can’t use high-sec gates.

Only amateurs buy insurance.

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But I do it when I goto Tama cause I know that ship is not coming home.

Yes, I offer an ingame Platinum package for your needs.

Just right click my name (in game) and send the same platinum insurance fee that you would normally pay, and I will guarantee a payout of 6 billion isk.

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