Ship insurance system broken

Hello, returned to eve after I had a long break. Can anyone explain why the ship insurance system is broken, the insurance system should match the market rates for ships but from what I am seeing atm the platinum doesn’t cover the the actual price of the ship you are insuring makes no sense! Platinum used to be full comp you got money the money for your shop plus extra for fittings.

This needs to be fixed!

It’s working as intended. Insurance payout is based on the average mineral value required to build a ship; basing it on the market value is a silly idea that would be exploited to hell and back.


No it shouldn’t, it never did.

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False premises leads to false conclusions

It is not and was never intended to meet market value (this would lead to insurance scamming where players could profit off manufacturing goods at a low purchase/manufacture price and would cause rampant inflation and devaluate certain activities in the game), and it 100% absolutely is not intended to take fittings into consideration. This is not a problem, and it does not need to change.

Ah the good old days when you could self destruct an insured unfitted battleship and turn a decent profit, or whelp them into Concord and still make a small profit.

The other day I was running some tests on Singularity and I accidentally learned that if you eject from a ship and that ship gets destroyed you qualify for insurance payout whaaaaaaaaaat

BTW how is your mom

Wondering if you remember that joke :rofl:

Is it supposed to?
I don’t see anything in the game that suggests Insurance is supposed to “match the market rates for ships”…

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It isn’t broken. Glad to have been of assistance.


Remember the days when Goons mass produced insurance “fraud”; the undocks from any station were like leaving Jita with the number of wrecks and explosions going off.

No. The insurance system is not broken, your expectations are broken.


It is just misnamed. It isn’t insurance, and it never was. It is an “opt-in T1 ship rebate program” or something like that.


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