Ship Insurance system is useless

Hello to everyone reading my 1st post.
I’d rather pass to main subject directly because time is money.
The insurance system in my opinion should be changed to function as it would be in RL for a car or a house. If your car destroyed by natural disasters or by some terrorists with a bomb or whatever , and you have insurance covering it fully , then you don’t get a percent of your car’s value but you get a new car. Now, unless your car is no longer at stores for sale (too old) or it was a limited edition and no longer can be found on any market , THEN you should get a new car of the exact same type and model ELSE you should get it’s latest value available record on any selling market old catalogs. For EvE Online that could mean the value in ISK on the last day that existed on the EVE market.
Also Could be 2 kind of insurances. One for the ship and one for the current fitting and cargo.
The results would be incredibly better. As a pilot i calculate the risk for example of a Battleship traveling in low sec space and add some insurances for my ship and my fitting. The catch here would be that this insurance will be invalid if i am the attacker(gang) and as a result i lost my ship because of my aggressive actions. On the other hand , if i was just a victim and my ship and/or my fitting/cargo were insured then i get back a new ship packaged and all my fitting modules and cargo in a nice container on my HOME station.
I would like to add that this way , not only will justify the insurance program but also will make pilots (that are not pirates , gangsters , suisiders or whatever they call it) to travel more and wider without having nightmares about risking not a ship or a cargo but 3 or more months of playing EvE and time away from other RL activities to gather the ISK to buy all that stuff. Time is priceless dont allow smart guys to steal the time from relaxed players like marketeers or industrials or missioning players. We are not all in this game for the great boom a ship does and to create panic and phychological problems to others.
Thats all , thank you for allowing me to create this post. Would be good to see how most people think about it.

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If the insurance system worked this way, one could have a friend or alt destroy their ship, collect the modules and thereby effectively duplicate them when the insured ship was replaced. Not to mention that people who manufacture ships and modules would not be able to sell replacements to anyone who was insured. Haulers would not have as many people to haul for if everything appears exactly where you need it. Things like that. Changing things to work this way may be convenient in some ways, but it would also be harmful to a lot of folks who sustain themselves on the cycle of construction and destruction.


Most people ignore the Insurance system unless they have a high chance their ship will be destroyed in the next operation, then it is platinum insured to maximize the payout. At least if it is a T1 ship.

I personally have not insured a single ship since 2009. In my opinion they should completely get rid of the system and/or only have it active in HighSec. PvP losses shouldn’t be covered at all.

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so you eliminate the complete risk out of eve because you dont have to worry that you lose isk xD you will get everything back … congratulations you destroyed eve with one single change of something thats realy not important !

btw… insurance works pretty well ! no you never should get all of your money back …

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Yes we know insurance for ships is pretty useless.

Just like how player bounties were pretty useless also and did not work.

If CCP removed insurance I guarantee you most people would not care the slightest as most people don’t insure their ships above the basic SCC one every hull gets by default.

Have a wonderful day OP.

OP, I just so happened to start a capsuleer insurance business today. I will insure one of your ships for 1 Billion ISK.

Does that include implants?
What’s the payout for self destructing a titan?

So insurance pays out in regards to mineral cost.

Some ships is worth insuring some are not

Ships and mods are “ammo”. So if you look at your ship as you could lose it, then that makes the loss that less hard to deal with.

You should be able to replace your ship of choice at least 2 times minus insurance


Thank you all for your responses. I really respect the way you choose to exist inside this game.
Without trying to offend anyone , i no longer wish to gang other players or to be ganged by others. I just wish there could be a better insurance system where if i get ganged in a high sec by suisidable players without doing anything wrong then the insurance should cover the full value of my ship and modules i lost. Perhaps that means that everything should be destroyed (ship cargo modules) if the ship is insured. That way noone will benefit from insurance except a legitimate player. Now if the cost for the entire ship is 1 Billion Isk and i want to be on the safe side to do missions with a marauder in high sec without risking anything by only paying half billion more for 3 months as insurance fee , then the mission would be again a good option. You’ll say that marauder is not required for missions and that the missions should be made by tech 1 BS BC and Frigs . I know that. But in my age i really get stressed even when fighting bots, and that means heart problems are on the way. I need a relaxed gaming expirience where everything will feel under control, while there is also some nice action.
I don’t hate humans , and i no longer have a Green Hulk inside me trying to escape in virtual games doing bad things that RL not allow. I passed that point years ago. I love the way eve is build and in my opinion high security space should not allow safety off and insurance could be usefull against AI .
Thank you all and fly safe.

Most likely this will make no difference, but in an abundance of good will I am going to make an effort anyway.

I have some experience with health getting in the way of playing the game. I’ve had to deal with getting excited causing me to go blind, so I’ve had to stay calm at all times. This naturally affects me outside of the game as well where, in an emergency, I can not let myself panic or go into fight or flight mode or it’s lights out.

I chose to deal with this in Eve by 1) flying a ship I could afford to lose, and 2) writing the ship off as soon as it was attacked instead of trying to save it. My health is more important to me and the people I know than any of the virtual assets I own. If I think I can do a thing or three to save the ship or myself without causing any health issues, I do those things, but otherwise I just suck it up and move on.

I don’t think I deserve special treatment because I have a problem, and I would not like people treating me as lesser because of it. I don’t want to bring the game down to my level, but to struggle to stand at the level it already is. If I die, I don’t belittle myself by telling the person who got me that I’m an easy target. I give them a GF and I get back to playing after I reship while trying to strategize how I can use what’s available to me so as not to fall into the same trap again.

My insurance is that I have more ships and modules stashed where I think I’ll need them and I can just go and get those when things go south. I handle gankers by keeping an eye out for them in local and generally being in a place they’re not. If you have to warp out of a mission because it’s getting too hectic and health is on the line, warp out and collect yourself then go back in when you’re ready.


The first one is yours to decide. The second one is not. The moment you undock you are a target for anyone who wants to blow you up for whatever reason, thats an inherit part of the game and if you can’t stand this, you can’t play it (well, you can, but you might not becoming a happy player then…). You wouldn’t go play Soccer but declare that you simply don’t want to run, because you like walking a lot more, would you? Or go play Warzone™ but refuse to shoot anyone and demand that also no one is shooting you because you simply want to loot some items and make some XP, right? Games have rules, set by the Game Creator, and the rules for EVE Online are that as soon as you undock you are free to be engaged by any possible and legit gameplay mechanic.

Gankers are legitimiate players, playing the game a 100% within the game rules set by the game creator. There is zero reason they shouldn’t get loot from you. Which is 100% reason not to replace all your modules, as it would simpy duplicate them.

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From your point of view you are also right. Well life isn’t fair is it ? Why should the game be fair … Ok
Thank you for your great opinion and for giving me a different point of view . You know it sucks that in every single thing in RL and in games its always youth vs olds. The youngs have what is required and more for that game or job. The olds , we had everything was required and much more and we learn to depend on those powers , and now its hard with out them. I am sorry if i talk too much and thank you for your response.

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My pleasure, and let me assure you that once you embrace that always lurking danger and set yourself the goal not to be a victim to these hunters any more, you have a large repertoire of options ot make them fail their assaults. And believe me, nothing tastes sweeter than to mess up some evil dudes plan and see them burn their ships for nothing. EVE is a great game because it isn’t just the boring NPC grind in 100% safety with 100% respawn all day long. Thats why some people stay here for decades and build up their own fleet, hone their skills, make new relations and explore new parts of this insanely huge universe. EVE is one of a kind, something you won’t find anywhere else. You simply have to learn to love the challenge.

Thank you for sharing this. I also have heart problems since i was 45 yo and trying not to get too excited or too sad , too scared . I had my 1st heart attack while playing EvE on Dec 2010 and i was trying to move all my assets to my alliance HQ trough a route they give us in a web page somewhere arround I7S-1S . I was flying a Rhea in my other character and noone had ever told me that we were at war with some other alliance. I was the only casualty of that war and i lost over 150 Billion that day because i didnt ask for escord and guards and didnt have mastery V on Rhea. Thank God my wife act quickly and my life was saved. Thank you so much , you remind me why i was away of that game and that the fault is not the game but the way i was looking on things.

Few bill some one will pop any one you want,

RL insurance is present in the case your accident causes a huge cost

IG there is no accident, so there is no need for an insurance.
Instead, insurance is used as a way to help new players play in PVP : they can fly cheap T1 (up to BC now) and get reimbursed a good part of it upon the loss.

Just as an aside, that’s not how RL insurance works. RL insurance gives you the “insured value” of the lost item. That value is usually the current, depreciated value of that asset. You can add a rider called “new car replacement value” (or full value in some area) which covers the cost of buying a new asset of the same type. In which case you pay more for it than regular insurance.

Yes, EVE insurance seems cheesy, because it doesn’t cover anywhere near the cost of replacing a full ship plus fit. (People have asked to have even their cargo covered by insurance, btw.) And you get 40% of the insurance value (iirc) for free. Past that, the formula generally works out to, for every upgrade in Insurance quality, for each ISK you spend on insurance you get 2 ISK back.

That’s right, Insurance from CCP is the original “double your ISK” scam.

So insurance is mostly a frustration to newer players trying out things they didn’t expect to get blown up doing, or laboring under the misapprehension that somehow the insurance they bought would protect them from significant loss. (This misapprehension applies just as much to RL, btw - you’d be surprised how many people have no idea what the insurance they pay for does, until they try to make a claim on it.)

Insurance is pretty much a scam in RL, and it’s a scam in EVE too. In the long run, the insurer ends up with more of your money than you do. It’s more effective to plan ahead and self-insure.

This is what the above posters are saying - a better, “complete” insurance system isn’t needed, would be hard to set up, and would be instantly abused/exploited if it were ever added.

Don’t rely on insurance. Learn how EVE works so you can both avoid most losses, and make enough ISK in the meantime to afford any losses that do occur. Ships and cargos aren’t primary life assets like your house. They’re expendable resources, and losing the occasional one is just part of the cost of doing business in EVE.

Well, and with all those RL-comparisons, let’s not forget that you will get exactly zero payout if you have set the reason for it’s destruction yourself. All insurance companies have contracts that contain paragraphs saying you are obliged to pay attention to prevent damage to the insured item. You will only get paid for damages you are not accountable and couldn’t have prevented by being reasonably careful.

Transferred to EVE, no insurance should ever pay for a PvP loss, or for a loss while seeking NPC combat. And with that, insurance in EVE could simply be removed or restricted to highsec, only replacing losses from illegal aggression (ganks).

It’s not a scam. You get what you paid for, and as much as it does not entice you to lose your ship, it still reduces the cost.

It’s not. It’s the price you have to pay to allow people(which can be you) to gamble with other’s lives.

The issue is, those make no sense. The only common things RL and IG insurance have, is that you pay them and yout get paid upon loss of ship.
But when you pay, how they pay back, who they pay back, is completely different.

If it was more like RL insurances, suicide gankers would not be paid back (as they are) but instead should pay more to go inside a ship every time they kill something, and the value of their insurance would be transfered to the gankee by the insurance. And until they pay back the gankee in full, they would not be allowed to board a ship, being destroyed at any gate where a police ship would be.

Exactly. Because i failed to allow a semi truck to run me off the road, i waa found at fault for driving off the road to prevent being hit