Stratios Insurance

The ship cost 200milion I bought the best insurance only got back 7 million that is less than 1% of what it’s worth it would make sense if it was a 3rd (150million) or even half but it’s less than 1%, I was new to the game and I usually buy insurance on all my ships and I tend to get some money back, it’s like if you bought a car and insured it it cost 200k but you only got 1k back, this whole situation has made me so mad that I don’t even want to play the game anymore

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Yeah, I get it. It’s maddening, isn’t it? Any other MMO, and you don’t lose your hockey gear. You just pay a penalty.

For the coaster vets to win, though, you have to lose. They can’t take it. It’s not enough that you lose 25%, as you would with real insurance.

They want you finished. And so you are.

Insurance is based on the cost of the minerals to build the ship, and not the amount you paid.

Otherwise, if i was scammed into buying a Raven for 10 billion isk, my insurance payout would be in the billions.

The Stratios is a cruiser-type ship, meaning it only costs around 10 million isk worth of minerals to build it. hence, you got only 7 million back.

By the way, when placing insurance, they tell you the estimated payout value. Did you ignore this?

The insurance wouldve also only cost around 3-4 million ISK. Did you ever ask yourself, why the insurance was so cheap to begin with?

The answers were right infront of you. You didnt pay attention, and have to live with the consequences.

No, its like if you bought a Hyundai Pony for 50 thousand dollars, but your insurance company would only insure it for the amount that its actually worth, which is more like 200 dollars.

You cant say “hey, i paid 50 grand for this, i want it insured for 50 grand!” Its not the banks fault that you chose to buy a car that was overpriced.


If they even increased to even 25% it still would be better than buying platinum insurance and only getting less than 1% of the amount of money of the ship, I’ve lost plenty of ships and bought platinum insurance and get a chunk of my money back but this it’s insane, they need to take into account how much ship actually cost not how much the cost of materials it is

Banks don’t do insurance. Insurance companies do, and they have actuaries that know what things are worth.

They pay if they insure.


Again, if i were scammed into buying a raven for 10 billion isk, do you honestly think that the insurance payout should be 10 billion isk?


Again, they tell you how much you get as an estimated payout. You didnt pay attention when you placed your insurance.

My Leshak has a market price of 400 million, but the estimated insurance payout is only 135 million.

Pay attention next time.


In Japan, they do.

Thought your name was japanese so i wouldve assumed you knew this.

Well, no. It’s a caldari player, based on the japanese, so I played that. In real life, I’m African American, and well, that’s just what it is.

Okay. Well, next time just keep in mind EVE is a game enjoyed by people around the world and different countries offer different things.


I’d much rather get 25% rather than less than 1% back

I never forgot that. But I did think that I was allowed to talk, on an equal level.

The ship I bought was 200million I only got 7 million back

And that’s a real problem, isn’t it? You spent all that time, skilling, running missions to make money, and now?

Now you see what I’m complaining about. You should get back 75% of that 200 million, in insurance.

Id rather much get 1000% back rather than 25% back, too.

Did you not read my comment?

A cruiser only costs 7 million isk worth of minerals to build.


See where it says “Total estimated price”? It only costs around 7 million isk worth of minerals to build.

I know you paid 200 million. But that is irrelevant to the cost of the ship in terms of building it.

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I dont even understand what you mean by this.

Why should he?

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It costs lp. lp is a time sink mission running, for soe ships above all. They don’t drop as loot, ever.

An soe ship is always time, human time, not just minerals.

Its value is not pure mineral value, and you know it. You’re just being facetious.

I was so used to getting back around 25-50% back that I didn’t pay attention to how much I got back but once it got destroyed I got so little back, it was maddening some ships this system works perfectly but some ships it doesn’t work at all and it needs to be reworked

And do you know why its based on the mineral value, and not LP, or time, or any other requirements?

No, I don’t ‘know.’

I ‘suppose’ because it makes the insurance algorithm easier to code, not taking all that into account, but I don’t ‘know,’ no.

Yeah, don’t bother wasting your ISK on ship insurance, it’s not worth it even for T1 Frigates.