Gnosis needs rebalance?

Hey there guys,

I started this thread because i feel that gnosis needs some love.
I think its being used less and less because of changes made to the game as a whole.
Personaly i think ships that dont get used need to be improved.
Because why have a ship in the game if no1 uses it.
Also i heard that ccp was planning to look at the ballance of the battlecruisers and battle ships.
So this would be the right time to look at this ship aswell.

Short history.

The Gnosis has been around for quite a while now.
When it first came out it was well ballanced vs the other bc.
In my opinion it was a good ballance.
Because it was slightly underpower vs the specialized bc.
But because of its role bonusses it made up for it with the new players.
A few years back all bc got buffed with the exception of the special edition battlecruisers.
This made the gnosis even weaker compared to the other specializedd battlecruisers.
At the time CCP stated that it was because it role was meant to be a ship for players to get into easily.
This is still true but given the fact that alpa players can now fly battlecruiser and battleships it effectively nullifies this useage.

I have some i idea’s on how to remedy this.


  1. Give the ship the ability to learn from kills. Each killmark improves its stats.
  2. Removing the low skilled requirement. Allow higher skilled pilots to get bigger bonus.
  3. Make it less slugish. In fact turn it into a cruiser on steroids.

If you have other idea’s idea’s please leave your post here.

Below i elaborate on my suggestions

  1. From an evelore perspective i think it would be a really cool and a unique feature to allow this of jovian origin shipline to have the ability to learn. In fact from a lore persective any jovian ship should be(or become) a vastly superior ship compared to it sizeclass equivalent. It would be really great if these traits would remain after the ship gets transferred to other players. I feel these ships should become unique trophy ships.

  2. Because of the changes that have been made to eve as a hole the gnosis has lost its purpose.
    Its purpose basicly was a ship thats easy to skill into.
    Given the short trials in the past this was a good way to give newbe a taste of bigger things to come.
    Now that newbe’s can use the alpha state they dont have the time limitation.
    So to give this ship a new purpose that perhaps fits better with its evelore would be a good idea.
    Allowing higher skilled players to effectively use this ship would increase its useage a lot.

  3. The other BC got a range buff to allow them to be used in fleet warfare better. Perhaps the gnosis can be improved in this aspectt aswell. But to keep it more unique perhaps go in a different direction and make the ship a lot faster. In fact make it equal to some of the faster cruisers. This could be a really interesting aspect for a ship of this type.

As a special edition ship it is probable that there will never be any more added to the game. As the existing stock is destroyed, it will appreciate in value and eventually become a collectors item.

CCP did add additional supply in 2016 - likely because it was the only battlecruiser Alpha clones could fly but the recent upgrade to Alphas removes that restriction and there is no obvious reason why they should add more to the game.

Gnosis is an ideal platform for new players to run level 3 missions. Balanced slot layout, balanced resists, role bonuses for all weapon classes - it’s easy to fit and effective for new players.

For the time being, it’s also inexpensive but that is unlikely to last.

Gnosis doesn’t need rebalancing - it’s well positioned for its intended role.


No, those ships are made for people just getting into it, because the jove destroyer is the same way. the ships have not lost their purpose, they are a multirole ship that can use any weapons, any tank, and explore.

It had its hayday when the alphas came out for the past year.
The ship does not to be OP because its a jove ship, infact its a Jovian design but not completely Jove.
Even if it was rebalance for higher skilled players it would be used because it would have to push the other 8 combat battlecruisers out of the way than those 8 would need to be rebalanced once again.

This is too easy way to buff a ship and would get abused.

Not really needed it should keep current multi and easy to get into flavor.

It should remain BC hull just less sluggish one.and as BC standard it should get weapon range bonus not big as rest of them but some imo.

Last but not least it need it bigger brother battleship class SOCT…oh yeah.

Theyre limited edition gift ships with no stat requirements that get maxed out level 5 damage bonuses and 50% drone bonuses.

That’s not bad at all when you consider they also have 6 mids and lows and tons of pg/CPU to fit crazy tanks or damage and tackle.

When I became omega I kept flying my gnosis around cause it outperformed my other battlecruisers at low sp.

Tons of cargo room.

The only trade off the thing has is its slow as **** but it aligns pretty fast for a BC to offset that too.

Things a 9.5/10 ship, just needs a reskin/redesign to do justice to what an awesome ship it is. I wish it had the old Jove battleship model the eidolon had. If they gave it that model it would be perfect.

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Use your mid slots.
I hit out to 55-90km easy with lasers and two tracking computers. Why do you need a range bonus with 6 mids

Why isnt it extinct yet?

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As a battlecruiser role bonus they all got it to differentiate them more from cruisers in general by your logic blaster range is same as lazor range and no ship needs damage bonus just fit two dmg mods in low?

The gnosis isnt a combat battlecruiser like the harb and brutix.

You get 25% damage to blasters or lasers. That’s the same having level 5 in the related turrets skill. And it needs no skills.
I flew my gnosis around with damage mods and range mods and piss poor skills and still got 500-600dps out of it with drones, guns, and enough room in my cargo for an MTU, depot, spare fits and explo gear. What more could I ask for. It has enough slots to do whatever you want with it. You can even do level 4 missions with it if you don’t mind taking your time on some of them.

My opinion it that it is combat and battlecruiser and if it share range role(not as strong) like rest of them it would be better off in shooting stuff.

That is all i am glad you like the ship it isn’t all bad, in my part of the woods its a rare sight …maybe its the woods…but than again maybe its a ship.

As discussed in Ships channel its ok and no changes required.

I don’t understand what you mean.
I’m level 4 amarr BC. The range bonus is a role bonus
With two tracking computer II’s and optimal range script I get the same range on my gnosis as my harb with sane guns and ammo. Note the gnosis has 2 extra mid slots over the harb. I use them for giving myself a range bonus.

What’s the issue with the gnosis? It’s not a combat battlecruiser so it doesn’t get the combat battlecruisers role. It gets all the other bonuses.
The prophecy and myrm don’t get combat BC role bonuses. They should get their own BC role bonuses first, that’s a better fix than the gnosis which was made for people with low sp.

(Well better bonuses than what they have now)

I actually tried it a bit against sleepers (bad error, still survived). But hey, the ship itself is really good. You can fit it with everything, and he’s a good Jack of all trades in terms of exploration and ratting. I don’t know much about the PVP abilities of the hull, but he can mount an impressive tank (Armor or shield), so he can be tanks enough to burn through a trap, I guess.

I still have a question about Gnosis : can it run Null Sec combat anomalies / signatures ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah but VNI is better


For a brief shinning moment the Gnosis bathed in the glory of alpha end-game nirvana…

But oh, how short that moment of pinnacle beauty would last.

Because Alphas can now use all the other Battlecruisers, instead of the Gnosis being the only choice.

I’m still seeing a lot of them around, but as above, if they are not being used, it’s not an indication that they need any attention as much as it is an indication that Alphas have discovered the joys of the dozens of other Battlecruisers on offer.

As others have explained in detail it is quite good for what it is, has no skill requirements, fulfills its intended purpose very well so see no need to alter it in any way. It may be less used now that faction ships and battleships are available to alphas but there is no issue with that, it is a limited edition ship anyway. So no it doesn’t need rebalance.

I think the Gnosis is damn excellent at what it does. It’s a cheap Stratios, just without the cloak. If you want to explore in low sec without committing too much ISK, then use a Gnosis. It’s one of my favourite ships.


Isn’t the whole point of a Gnosis - balance?

It can do anything equally well.
Not great, but good enough.

There are, of course, specialist duties it cannot do, but I think that’s intended.
It’s a jack-of-all-trades, not a specialist.

I think it’s fine as-is.

–Fair and Balanced Gadget