Station Container

I bought a station container 2 jumps away from my home station to try and organize my item hangar. But can’t get it in my Execution cargo bay to transport. (Always measure twice). Any suggestions?

If the repackaged size is smaller than 1,000,000 m3 then you can use a freighter to move it, or set up a courier contract.

But my guess is that it would be cheaper to just buy a new one at the station you want it to be in.

Ok. Thanks I figured. Unfortunately there are none for sale at the station I am at. I’ll just wade through my mess

Most Station Containers needs to be build where they are needed as they do have a high volume even when packaged; 10.000, 50.000 or 100.000m³ for Station Container, Station Vault and Station Warehouse respectively. They are fairly cheap to manufacture, so it’s just a matter of getting yourself a BPO, research it a little, and then you can make container where ever you need and have materials


Thanks I will research that.

A standard station container is 10,000 m3 packaged. A T1 industrial like the Bestower with 5 expanded cargohold 1 modules will carry it.

As already mentioned the BPO is seeded at Ishukone stations for 180K ISK and is a good investment. Research a few levels of Material Efficiency before building. Time Efficiency isn’t important if you’re only building a few for personal use.

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In case you only need one or a few you can get some from my blueprint giveaway (★ :aura: Guides and 🎁 Giveaways) have all three versions available (as I recall only those variants exist) and two of them are fully researched and one is highly researched. (There are other blueprints you can request if you want to manufacture them and can request BPCs each calendar month.) Of course in the long run a BPO might be useful if you happen to need many of these station containers (usually at many stations).


Thanks for all the info. I guess I am learning just how much Eve is not all about shooting things. lol.

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