Contest Submissions - Name Our Meeting Rooms – Round Two!


First it is still one of my favorite ships even for solo hunting even though many consider it to be the worst T3C. But the interesting thing about it that lends it self the best is the origin of the name itself in mythology, to the old god, which was capable of changing forms. The ship itself being a T3C is capable of changing based on subsystems which lends the name well to it, but also to Eve as a whole as it has changed and will continue to over the years.


The Federation Navy Comet was the ship that introduced me to Piracy and I’ve spent years perfecting fits, tactics, and ways to win fights flying this extraordinarily good Frigate. When I was with the Tuskers I helped develop the modern version of the ship that went on to become extremely popular with pilots everywhere, since then it has become so popular that its effectiveness in Low Security space has diminished. Nevertheless it remains that ship I’ve registered the most kills flying and push come to shove, even today, I would still take one up against any other ship in its class. With confidence.


When you need to get something done fast, fast, FAST- and don’t consider how it may end really, really, REALLY, badly- like hauling pricey BPOs and implants across hisec only to get pipe-bombed at a gate. The Leopard Room should be used for making expedient decisions without regard to unintended consequences. Like its shuttle namesake, this conference venue should have a tiny hold capacity- too small to fit all stakeholders needed to produce a comprehensive plan.

The Leopard shuttle earns extra irony points for its very name- with devs having to settle for the somewhat inapt name of an ambush predator for one of the fastest ships in EVE because “Cheetah” was already taken by a covert ops ship.

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The Monitor is the one and only observation ship that is designed to survive extremely hostile areas of space that is generally used by fleet commanders to direct fleet operations in battle. The monitor is an extremely tough ship to kill but yet always a primary target for enemy fleets.

The monitor room will represent one of the quintessential phenomena of EVE that can be found both in game and at CCP headquarters.

Fleet commanders take painstaking and vast amount of time developing their plans of attack. These plans make or break the difference between victory and defeat in battle; even, survival and death of alliances and corporations. Developers, Concept creators, and CSM members take painstaking and vast amount of time, even lifetimes, working together in the creation of new eve content (the plan of attack). This work also makes the difference between the ongoing life or death of EVE.

As mentioned earlier, the Monitor is an observation ship. The fleet commander in the Monitor is one of, if not the primary target for the opposing fleet. Therefore the FC is usually one of the first entities to be removed from the battlefield. The FC can only hope that the battle plan is carried out while not being on the battlefield. All too often however, the fleet battle takes on a life of its own going in an unforeseen direction So it also goes with CCP and a new release. CCP can only hope that the numerous and various elements of the EVE infrastructure will not break and that eve pilots will not implement new elements of play style not intended by the developers. But all too often the infrastructure and eve players take a new release in unforeseen directions and the new release takes on a life of its own.

You may say: Sure, sure, sure, so how come the Monitor room? Well you see, the battle does not begin and end at the proverbial log in/ log off interface. Fleet commanders, CSM members, and CCP staff are all harangued on Reddit and other forums for their perceived failures and rarely congratulated on the same forums for their victories.

The name “Monitor” on the door of the Monitor Room at CCP should remind those entering that they need to be tough skinned like the Monitor ship. The Monitor ship is often the first to die in battle. Those that enter the Monitor room will be the first to be criticized for your ideas.

When you enter the Monitor room remember this: The only rules in EVE that are supposed to be kept are the End User License Agreement rules. All other rules are meant to be broken somehow someway. The user manual if Eve hand one would be one sentence: You must fail to succeed. As developers, I suggest that you to have the same user manual. Don’t be discouraged be tough like the Monitor ship.

So I say choose the MONITOR as one of your meeting rooms.

Thank you7

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Whenever I bring up this ship with anyone, there’s always varying ideas. Is it a good ship or a bad one? Shield tank or armour tank? Autocannons or Artillery? Brawler or a kiting ship? Everyone always has a different opinion on that ship, from my experience, which is why I love it. It starts conversations, everyone has a different viewpoint.

The Cynabal meeting room would be where ideas are discussed.


A beautiful and unique ship which first I’ve got as a free gift early in my career from a friendly ice miner who I’ve met flying my Catalyst just wandering around. Another miner at the same ice site thought I’m a ganker and called me out on it which lead to a little talk with the miners in local, including the one who soon after gifted me my first Gnosis which I’ve put in good use in less than two weeks later during a Guardian’s Gala event earning dozens of Gala SKINs and a bunch of ISK. A true testament to the idea that “friendship is best ship” which encouraged me to make my own giveaways and guides as well later on.

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Capsuleer: @Marcusson_en_Chasteaux my main, yes am too lazy to switch to it just for a single post, can do so if needed to confirm identity.

Gnosis custom ship name: “Golden Compass”

This is the story that encouraged me to follow through with my plan of creating the Kherub Angels initiative which is ongoing since more than two years (closing to three years) by now.

Related screenshots with authentic date stamps (could also be considered some of them to be added to the plate on the wall along with the text if this submission wins and is used)


The stabber is a great friend of mine.
His jobs are very many, can chase, scramble and pop every single enemy with a unique speed for a cruiser.

The strenght points are:
low price / high dps with howitzers .
Damage bonuses are also a great help for alpha clones, to get an idea of ​​how eve’s pvp world is.
We had great adventures together in the pirate space at QFE-WK, I have beautiful memories.



A fitting name for the place in which strategy is discussed concerning the final destruction of New Eden. Together, all participants form a unified consciousness, the “Ragnarock”, which is then sent forth from Hel in a seemingly eternal conflict of player vs. company to lay the final blow to EVE Online.



„World war bee“ was everywhere in gaming media. An epic, captivating story that just had to catch your attention. When I checked out an eve online stream I didnt understand anything that I saw at first, it was a stream of one of the CFC’s stations being evaced, but zarvox explained everything to newbro friendly terms to thousand of viewers. Spectre Fleet had a longbow cormorant fleet in system, pinging around the grid and killing everything they could catch from frigates and industrials to battleships. Seeing these small spaceships warping in and out, doing hit and run tactics and punching above their weight from range, It was something that I was allways looking for in a videogame.
I was instantly hooked.


I had to grow into the Scimitar, but with the Scimitar you are there for your fleet, there to help them succeed. It’s a ship that is built around selflessness and making sure everyone gets home safely.
So, it would be a great name for a room in your HQ. It reflects CCPs drive to make a better game year after year, often with little recognition.

I remember when i started the game early 2004, i used to join mining gangs for the corp i joined, both me and my real life friend used maller’s for mining. Brings back so many good memories. It even featured later on in my eve life as a nice pvp ship.


It was my first days in wormhole, i was scouting area, d-scanning space, learning to fly in that part of the universe. I was so excited with that quiet dangerous place, that only cloak white cruiser can make me feel a little bit safe in there. Too quiet around…
“Hostiles on the other side, i’m takled” - message came into corp chat. Our Nighthawk pilot was in trouble. “I’m jumping though the hole, i need assistance, 0-2 WTH”
“Roger” i’ve said ''warping to you in three, two…"
23 AU, 3 AU/sec… the starshine moving behind the ship’s stern…
“Too much damage, i almost done. Do not warp to me, man”
Fear and excitement swept me that i forgot turn on cloak…
First strike, all shields down, half of armor done. Overheated double armor reps doesn’t helps too much; another strike, drones surround me…
I remember them. Two Loki’s, two Proteuses and another snow-white ship…
Another strike…the last one.
“Capsule ejected”, 73220308 dropped to the board and the silence was back.


Federation Navy Comet
This is the ship that I role play as. I do the noises and wear a special hat. I was role playing as this ship when I first read CCP Falcons fan fiction about himself and due to the tracking speed bonus I received 3rd degree whiplash and both types of diabetes and the hat fell off onto the floor. I also fractured my jaw when I found out he had a job that didn’t involve packing shopping bags.
I still role play as a Federation Navy Comet but the noises sound funny now due to the fact that my jaw is wired shut and also diabetes.

It’s a meme, a cherished meme by the EVE community. The drake is known for it’s historically iconic use: as bait. It has a huge shield tank. It can fit hundreds of alcoholic beverages in it’s cargo hold, unlike most of it’s pilots.



(Full story is long, see summary for the short [less epic] important stuff)

The Maelstrom is my favorite T1 battleship. It was not the first one I flew, that was the Rohk, but it was the first one that I enjoyed flying. While I was leading my corp, “Shield of Mjolnir” one of the more expeditious members found a combat site, a rather LARGE combat site… Now our corp was just a small “noob” corp that I started to help new pilots out and expose them to some of the more fun and dangerous parts of Eve safely; and I had never run that kind of combat site before and was unsure how things would go… But I gathered an “almighty” fleet of five of us, with me in my Maelstrom and the rest flying a cruiser, two destroyers, and a frigate. When we decelerated off the first warp gate, the first response was something along the lines of, “Oh s***, that’s a lot of BIG red targets.” I, wanting to see how solid my shield tank was, told them to hold fire till I started getting hit, telling them I’d tank. My shields never went down once through the ENTIRE site. The cruiser helped me with putting damage on the larger targets and the destroyers and frigate took out all the small things that were difficult to track. We lost no ships, we had loads of fun, and made almost 600 million ISK from loot and salvage. After that all my corp wanted to do was run more combat sites, and they started to call my Maelstrom the flagship or mascot of our corp. They were convinced that there was nothing (at least NPC wise) that could break my Maelstrom’s shield.

I lead my new corp through a large combat site, which we had never done before, with my Maelstrom. There were only five of us; me in my Maelstrom, one cruiser, two destroyers, and a frigate. I tanked everything with my Maelstrom and my shield tank never went down. We had lots of fun, made loads of ISK, and we never lost a ship with my Maelstrom tanking. We ran lots of other combat sites, but they never wanted to run one without “Mjolnir” (my Maelstrom) being there.

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The Sleipnir has an awesome strong shield tank with projectile turrets that use no cap, its visually stunning , and can even provide fleet support, all in a days work. This ship was my goal, believe and you can achieve. Simply the coolest and is a favorite ship of many. Everybody would be there, at Sleipnir.

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That ones behind I and many, many others have flown countless times and is still followed by countless pilots. Reflects pure leadership.

Name itself tells it all. Reminds staff and visitors current state of game - gives suitably motivation for devs.

No “the” in front of it, no “room” after it. Just Damnation.


This was the ship that I had made a goal of getting to. I trained all my skills up so I could fly it at mastery III before I got it. I shield tanked it with dual XL Ancillary shield reps and thought that I couldn’t be stopped, that being said, if I hadn’t made a dumb mistake I probably wouldn’t have lost it. I was taking a new pilot in my corp into his first wormhole. I was there in my Sleipnir to protect him from any threats… Some tackle frigate, I can’t remember what warped in and got me tackled while I told him to leave the wormhole. Two Vagabonds came in to make the kill on me. I’d try and blap the tackle so I could move, but every time I got close to killing it, it would go out of range of my guns, rep while one of the Vagabonds had me pointed then come back to put it’s harder tackle on me. This went on for about 10 minutes as they kept trying to break my tank and not getting anywhere. However I eventually ran out of cap charges… It was at this point that I realized that I had forgotten to launch my drones… I launched them and finished of the tackle frig, but it was too late and the Vagabonds finished me off. I learned a valuable lesson, if you have drones, USE THEM! Don’t forget your drones! If I hadn’t forgot my drones I’d have those two Vagabond kill mails today…

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When I first started playing EVE I had eyes for the ship early on, fitted up a few of them while still in Horde.

I whelped…profusely, but when I found something to brawl and hold down for Standing backup to arrive it was glorious. Dual rep, slugging it out with my autocannons versus whoever wanted to take the fight.

Enter two Hurricanes in O-V at sun, my buddy Heat de Legend (who got me into the game), and myself. A small thrasher gang was bouncing around, and they decided they wanted to come for us.

I’ll just link the video, this was when I truly fell in love with the game:

Plus, have a company PR disaster? To the Hurricane Room!

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SOONtm may not be a ship name BUT this word began in the early days of eve-way back before being on the CSM was the VIPfest it is today. I used that term to explain to corp and alliance mates how some issue or feature was on CCP’s radar but only the Space Gods knew when it would be fixed, implemented, and/or addressed. (my days as a member of CSM was meeting weekly in an ingame chat chan with Comm Manager and more rarely actual Devs-we didnt even get a Tshirt let alone paid trips to Iceland.)