[ENDED] (β˜…) Inter-corporate blueprint giveaway 🎁

This giveaway is available for entire corporations.

You can read the details at the below linked giveaway information page.

Don’t forget that we also have guides available and other giveaways ongoing in which individual players can participate. Feel free to inform your corp members so they can take advantage of the personal blueprint giveaway as well. You can read about our guides and giveaways at:

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Both the corp level and personal giveaways still ongoing.

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New BPCs were added to this giveaway and the personal giveaways are also still ongoing plus guides still available.

how do i enter good friends?

Hey, the linked webpage has all the details, just click the link and everything is explained there in detail. The same goes for the personal giveaway as well. If still have any questions let me know here or in EVEmail.

Requirements to participate have been drastically reduced as follows

β˜… The corp must have at least 15 members (instead of the earlier 25 members).
β˜… The corp must be at least three (3) months old (instead of the earlier six (6) months).

(The other requirements have not been altered.)

Both giveaways still ongoing.

:stop_sign: Due to the lack of interest, this giveaway is discontinued and all blueprints that were available in it will be transferred over to the (personal) public blueprint giveaway and made available in that giveaway at a later date. :lock:

(Requesting thread lock from @ISD )

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