What did I do to CCP other than give them my RL ISK?

my highlights!

All EVE players are PvP players.

If you don’t want to be a PvP player, don’t play EVE.



Come on, bro. That’s really what you want? Less EVE players?

Nobody wants less players but if the so called “lowest common denominator” is all what we can get as an alternative, I think it is safe to say that almost all dedicated EVE players rather see EVE die than become Hello Kitty Spaceships Online. :wink:


I agree wholeheartedly, if that’s the choice. But I was hoping (perhaps against hope) that there was some “third way” i.e. educating the lowest common denominator (LCD), explaining game mechanics and the intention of the developers, calmly dispensing out information while giving the LCDs a chance to cool down, etc.

Perhaps it’s just the Amarrian missionary in me. Back in the very old days we called it the “white man’s burden.”

It never hurts to try. I myself have made some guides, organize giveaways, maintain an open corp (no requirement to join, no api check, no duties, no assets, etc.) that provides tax benefit and so on to aid the community and everyone who needs assistance, but it still is far from being as efficient as it could.

I have one alt for every NPC corp to promote this initiative and to reach as many players as I can but still haven’t got as much time to sign in to be as effective as I would want to.

All in all no effort is wasted but still I feel things could be more efficient. But by all means don’t be discouraged as the more people dedicate at least some time to such the more people will be reached and shown that they are not alone in EVE and can more easier learn the ropes of playing the game.

Btw if interested here you can read about my initiative:

There are people where this works. But in almost every case those are the people who come to the forums already asking for advice. There are some players however who just have a really hard time that EVE features gameplay for criminals, scammer, infiltrators, etc. They think because those things are not allowed in other games they should be removed here too.

I can’t tell you how many self proclaimed “game designer” came here trying to convince CCP to change their approach, always appealing to their wallet and how subscription numbers will skyrocket if only we make Highsec secure enough. This people will never listen, they already think they know better than you and you are the one to be educated.


That is also true, although I think CCP is quite clear what EVE is about in their ads / trailers. Things like “wreck their dreams”, casuality trailer and so on make it quite clear that here things are allowed which in other MMOs are not. So I think those players who have misconceptions regarding what EVE is about are either deliberately ignorant or did not face such content that make it clear what this game is about… or maybe they were hoping it will not be “as bad” as it is, though I think that falls under the first category.

So there are a bunch of people that is afraid of a lone concord when bullying people? ok got it. lol.
TLDR: OP suggest a defensive alternative for new player in running low sec mission instead of just running around in high sec. People got upset because no easy kill any more. Lmao eve player. You all just want a game you can bully people. maybe give suggestion how it may work with tweaking instead huh?

Oh no, he did not. It is a trick and you fell right for it.

See, every scrub and his mom comes to this forums to demand changes which benefit their very own gameplay. They don’t care about new players, they only care about their own ship not getting blown up.


not really. This game has many offensive options, while defensive options are either stay at high sec or join a Corp. Literally that. What wrong with giving new players more choice at defend themselves other than : don’t fly low/null sec or you have to join a Corp. It’s utter stupid when there is only two defensive options, while long timed people can just do whatever they want to new players because ‘the game said so’.
OP post is not about his interceptor, it’s about how new players is utterly helpless if some old jerks are in the bad mood.

30% of ship price, can only activated at 50% armour/shield/Tec…, one frigate concord, only protect you as long as you live, need 15 seconds to arrive. Is this defensive option OP? huh? Everything can be tweaked, but you guys are quick to butt hurt when they don’t want to be your toy.

Again, no it is not about new players, he plays this game for 8 years. It is about op losing his interceptor and how he does not like outside interference if he runs a mission. He holds new players up like a shield to hide his own shortcomings, which is what those people always do.

Fact is that in EVE nowhere is save and this is all part of the game, ever was and ever will be. EVE is what it is for almost 15 years now. And while some things get added and some things get tweaked the core gameplay staid the same over all this time.

EVE is still around while all those other MMOs who did listen to the carebears and removed all the interesting parts vanished into oblivion. I played a few of those and had to watch how they whined on the forums and how stuff got nerfed over and over again until everything became pointless and boring and then even the carebears realised what they had done and abandoned the now pointless game.

I’m sorry, but we will not let that happen here again. HTFU or GTFO!


The best defense is a good offense.

Flying smarter? Seriously, being good at defending yourself is knowing your surroundings. If you come into a systems in LS/NS and see people in local…fly to a celestial first so you aren’t coming straight in from the gate…especially if there are only 2 gates in the system. Which is exactly what the OP did. Using this trick can also help you avoid bubbles (if you aren’t in a ceptor which the OP was).

The OP died being lazy and/or ignorant. The reaction of being upset is understandable, but one should actually also try and learn from the experience.

Out smarting your opponent is pretty much the option. The OP did not do that. He fell right into the kind of trap he knew he was vulnerable to…and still made a post complaining about it.

Is it tough being such a wimp in real life?

Seriously how come people are “jerks” in a game that is designed around shooting and killing other players? And this guy could have easily avoided that trap. Hell the doofus is in an interceptor that is nullified to warp bubbles…bounce off a celestial and then warp at range to the gate and create a book mark…or burn away from the gate in a direction not in line with the gate and any celestial. After a bit make a new book mark. Since it is a 2 gate system do it at the other gate too. Now he has perches he can use to check the gate even in ships that are not nullified.

Now maybe the OP did not know this. But instead of whining maybe post asking how he can get around that kind of an obstacle. CCP does try to provide enough tools in game for people to survive and even thrive. Bookmarks and fast moving ships go hand-in-hand. And learning from other players is a good thing. Players helping each other is also allowed.

NS was designed specifically as a part of the game world where the only protection is what you can provide yourself. Naturally this has lead to players grouping up to better impose safety on that portion of space they claim as their own. Now you want to change it where people can call in CONCORD like a personal body guard.

Oh, and the idea the OP suggested…he couldn’t have used it. When you fly into smart bombs like that you die pretty much instantly. He would have had no chance to hit his “Oh poop” button.


And these same players likely moved on to another game and started the cycle all over again…

Belief persistence is a terrible thing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, I am starting to understand this, if this is in fact true. If the majority of these people are just incorrigible carebears hell-bent on destroying EvE for what it is, then I must in fact drop the “white man’s burden,” the cross that I am laboring to carry for the good of my fellow Amarrian man, and shout to the heavens “HTFU or GTFO!”


The answer is simple CCP could release another server one with optional pvp to assuage those who find the original version of Eve to much to handle, that way all tastes are catered for and CCP makes even more iskies. Personally i would stick to tranquility but thats my personal choice i’m sure many other’s would move over. I know many would rather see the servers go dark than let that happen but CCP may see it differently, and as time goes by with a dwindling and ageing gaming population it may have to diversify to survive. We all know the up and coming gaming population like the safe space scenarios and hand holding. sigh it’s the sign of the times.

Smartbombs R Us.

Right so double the fixed costs, and increase the variable costs…and split the population supporting each server. Not a likely recipe for success.


1 million players joined Eve after one of the big battles Bloodbath of B-R5RB i think it was, how many just bounced off? A lot from what was said by CCP If there was a server with optional pvp i’m sure tens of thousands of new players would have stayed with the game. Not all people like pvp and griefing eve online is the only serious spaceship game out there, and there is no other option. maybe its time CCP catered to other tastes, sorry for playing devils advocate but someone has to.

And your source for this is…?


The two servers would have to be totally separate. You could not have people farming risk free and then moving their resources to the PvP server, that would be wildly unbalanced.

And once isolated that non-PvP server would likely end up a total wasteland. With no competition for farming the economy would probably be a mess. How many ratting ships do you need? My guess is 2-3 after that you’d rarely buy another ship. Same with just about everything else in the game. In game there is no depreciation, so destruction takes it’s place. No destruction or massively reduced destruction and the economy could become very…dysfunctional. Why build stuff? Not like it will blow up. And if people are not building and inventing stuff why mine the raw inputs?

So you want to take the serious spaceship game and turn it into a theme park? Will there be a Bullwinkle ride?

No, you don’t have too. Like much of EVE you chose too. Unfortunately your idea takes away alot of choice…