What did I do to CCP other than give them my RL ISK?

I was working on mission Enemy of my Enemy. I purchased the almost required Interceptor. I tried to run my nullsec travel as soon as possible after restart. I made a mistaken in not accepting mission last night to be travelling from a different direction. I had to travel back to agent in my interceptor for mission.

I thought I was safe enough in that the only way I could be killed (from my reading) was with purposeful smartbomb gank with a spotter. …I was killed with the a smartbomb gank thanks to the nice people of Northern Coalition.

I have no problem with Northern Coalition. If they want to expend their time and resources in this manner they deserve the occasional reward. It did not cost me too much and I did not drop too much. I harder think I was worth the effort.

But I was troubled by this. The only group a smartbomb gank is usful for is an Interceptor. Other pilots will either be too big for smartbombs and much easier to kill other ships than smartbombs. I just did not see how it was worth the potential payoff to camp at the location they camped.

I tried to think like a ganker. If they had someone looking for Interceptors at the agent, they could almost guarantee they the mission and where they would be going. The could generally infer mission runners were new Interceptor owners. They might infer that the ships might be more valuable as a mission runner purchases more expensive gear to not only protect them from the trip but also to use next missions if needed. I was not even allowed to accept this mission remotely. For the mission itself that is ridiculous given that there was supposed to be no knowledge of my association with the agent.

I come to the conclusion that CCP purposely created this mission to offer up mission runners to gankers with more expensive gear. CCP has an option of weighting their universe for or against PVP. I do not mind it is weighted toward the pvp player. I know this when I decide to play the game. My expectation is that it will be a logical weighting. It will make since within the universe they created. This does not. In no way, shape or form does this mission make since other than to give pvp a chance to make money. I do not think PVP players need this type of advantage.

I liken it to insurance and Concord. I assume the companies insuring ships would have some type of pull with Concord and would make more Isk if they did not keep losing ships. Concord could make minor policy changes that would drastically increase ship safety. This could happen and still give PVP players good opportunities for profit. In fact maybe more profit because people might be more willing to travel in more expensive ships.

Rather than requiring people to lose their ships before getting insurance, how about making insurance an ‘Oh poop’ button. When people are facing destruction from pvp, they can instantly spend their insurance to call in a Concord patrol.

  • Insurance company makes more Isk (many payoffs from same ship)
  • Concord makes money (insurance companies pay Concord for responding )
  • Level of Concord response based on insurance paid
  • PVP players rewarded. No more guaranteed death by Concord. They will still attack but not as strong. Unless Concord ships attacked.
  • Mind numbing stupid practice of Freighter bumping made more difficult. So getting ship to location to attack harder but it is also less needed.
  • Allow for the practice of convoy freighter hauling.
  • The best part may be that you could get rid of NPC insurance company and allow player companies provide this service. This would extend to make insurance possible in low sec and null sec space.
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So you want CCP to completely change the game just because you lost an interceptor?

How about you HTFU instead?


I can see where this one is going to go already, but I just wanted to make a point.

You say:

It’s really not costing them anything.

No effort required.

It doesn’t have to be worth anything.

Do you see where I am going with this?

While I can’t speak for Northern Coalition and their motives, I can assure you some people PvP just because they can, just because it’s fun.

They are unlikely to be sobbing into their Cornflakes at the cost of the Smartbombs they used. Don’t look at everything as a cost / reward / time / effort equation.

You don’t have to be worth it, you just have to be there.

I would shoot you if I found you in -0.3 for no other reason that that.

Don’t make it into a giant conspiracy.



I’ve seen everything now… wall of text because he couldn’t keep his interceptor…




Problem? :thinking:


Next time, try not warping to the gate directly. Instead, warp to a planet and then the gate. This way there is less chance your travel will pass you through the smart bomb path.

Ideally, create gate spy spots as you warp in or away from the gate. You can then warp to the spy point and see if the gate is clear. If you really have time, setup a cloaky ship and create spies 3000km above and below the gate. This gives you even more chance to find a spot where you can warp to the gate without passing through the smart bomb path.

As for your conclusion that CCP created the mission to feed ships to gankers, that is an amazing leap in logic. If CCP had that much foresight, incarna, walking in stations, resource wars, and so many other things would never have been created. As much as I like CCP and the games they have made, I don’t believe them to be that skilled in foresight.


Rule 1, applies here nicely.

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b24j68, the real problem is that you aren’t the right fit (mentality wise) for EVE online. Some bleeding heart forum goers get mad when we tell this to people, but it’s the truth. Not everything is for everybody, and a person who would whine over the loss of such a minor ship (or any ship) is making a poor choice of what to do with their free time and subscription money by choosing to play a game (EVE) that is centered on losing things.

Now, you aren’t a lone, there a re a whole lot of people who play EVE while being wholly incompatible with it. They spend all their time really angry and some of them post on forums to vent that anger rather than spending that time finding something to do that they actually enjoy.

I’ve lost a Jump Freighter once ( I ship that is many many many times more expensive than your interceptor) and didn’t feel the need to write a 5 page double spaced essay about some conspiracy to feed kills to other people…

CCP doesn’t care about your interceptor, or NC.'s killboard or anything like that. They create an environment where people are free to do as they choose for the most part. you choose to go out into unsafe space and they chose to set up a trap for dumb people in interceptors who venture into unsafe space. The end result was the result of these choices.





In a sandbox we are each others content. Doing mission in non owned space in null is risky. Traveling in null is dangerous and intended to be. The game is weighted against solo as its basically space mad max where everyone is mad max and thus not special. Concord is not there to help you its there to kill aggressor thats why concord doesn’t send logi ships.

If anything you were in a person space and raiding their fridge. If someone came in your house uninvited to get some milk you would prolly smartbomb them as well. And why is pvp so focused in eve… well there is nothing else really. Pve and mining are awful and you do them to get ships ect…

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I am sorry they are sitting at a place in ships full of smartbombs. Time spent there is not time spent anywhere else.

I do not care that you do not believe my concern is not the loss of my ship. I purchased the ship to do the mission knowing I could lose the ship.

I am saying the mission itself is purpose built to cause mission capsuleers to buy new ships to put into a dangerous situation. The mission is not logical within the universe they made.

I am going to reflect this back to you. Capsuleer up and stop relying on CCP favoring one player type over another playing type.

I may well not be the right type of person for the game. I tend to cycle through games.

I would think this would concern you if Eve Online is your game. I can easily leave this game like I have done in the past and can do so going forward.

If CCP thinks it can survive by only catering to PVP and it works…great. In fact I may well want to move that way myself. I am not complaining about the loss of the stupid ship. My concern is how CCP set up the mission knowing full well what would happen. They are setting up a kill zone for missioning players in more expensive ships.

I am willing to agree my ship was not set properly. I think I made that point in my post. I was new to the Interceptor, which I bought for this mission. I believe the Killboard said as much.

I googled some websites and tried to find a common agreement to a build. This is not as easy as it was in the past. I do not try out ships in the fake universe to evaluate a fit. I do not think it would provide the information needed. I am willing to learn from my mistakes and try again. Or I will try something else.

Once again, I do not mind losing my ship to PVP. I lose them all the time. This was actually a less expensive experience. My concern as I posted, was the mission itself.

There is nothing wrong with this at all.

Blizzard put dangerous raid bosses into raid dungeons for exactly the same reason.

Dangerous situations are what EVE is all about. We tell Rookies this from day 1 onwards.

Do you even understand the definition of danger?

I’d have more sympathy had you innocently gone unaware into this dangerous situation, although that would still be your fault. However in this case you knew the dangers, went prepared, bought the ship to counter most of the dangers and were well aware of the one remaining danger.

Don’t pretend this is another other than you being a bad loser over getting caught.

I can’t believe you are even trying to go the whole ‘dangerous things shouldn’t be dangerous’ route.

Seriously? :roll_eyes:


Lol … craziest thing I read today.

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Response to Mr. Lopez

I have no problem with anything you are saying. I understand how Concord works. I was fully ready to lose my ship and my implants when I accepted the quest.

I also read previously read up on smartbomb builds and how they would the best means of killing interceptors.

“In a sandbox we are each others content.” This is not true and it is the point of my post. CCP created a situation in which the trap is obvious."

I am suggesting CCP could easily provide a more interesting and logical universe. I am sorry, if my one and only life was in Eve, I would never leave the station I started on. I am guessing anyone else posting on this forum would agree or they would not be playing a game and posting on a forum about a game.

Response to Sindara,

“Dangerous situations are what EVE is all about.” No EVE is about making money by simulating a reality people find enjoyable enough to spend rl ISK to spend time playing.

How many times in my posting did I say the PVP is not the issue. My post was about the mission and CCP knowing the effect of the mission.

You got yourself in checkmate only to blame the creators of Chess for putting you in such a dangerous position in the first place…

You were literally content for other players, in the sandbox. You can’t really deny that we are each others content in this instance.

Stop thinly veiling your butt-hurt under the guise of “game design issues” when in reality you’re just annoyed you lost a ship / couldn’t avoid losing said ship. There are any number of perfectly good reasons to smartbomb tiny ships in nul / lowsec, and you shouldn’t assume the game is broken or designed against you purely because you fail to understand why currently.


Response to Lady Ayeipsia,

Oh understood I made some mistakes full well when my ship was destroyed faster than I could say ‘oh poop’ and touch my keyboard.

I understand someone was playing the game better than me and I happened to pass through their hunting zone. I think they are so much better than me in fact that they did not need CCP’s help.


But you’re not being honest.

As above, there is nothing wrong with this at all.

CCP made you accept the mission?

CCP made you buy the ship?

CCP made you fly in a straight line through the nearest smart bomb camp?


CCP put you in a dangerous position?


Welcome to EVE?

You mean this effect: