EVE Academy - Resources for New Players

EVE Academy is the official collection of intro guides and resources for new players. EVE is complex and there are a ton of detailed resources out there - our goal is to provide easy to digest information on various EVE topics to give people the information they need to get started immediately in gameplay that fits their interests.

On the EVE Academy website you can select one of 4 paths: Explorer, Industrialist, Enforcer (pve), Soldier of Fortune (pvp) to find guides, information and starter ship fittings curated to those types of play.

EVE Academy also contains short tutorial videos on various topics to help explain various parts of the game quickly.

You can find all of our videos in the EVE Academy Playlist on youtube and here are a few to get you started!

Fitting Your Ship

Using the Market

Finding a Corporation

Scanning Basics


Understanding Security Status

Wormhole Basics

All of the above videos are available in-game via the Agency too! Just open the agency and click on the “Help Section” tab as shown here (only visible once tutorial is completed). You can even drag these videos into chat if you’re explaining things to new players and they’ll open right up when clicked on. Please share these resources with your newbros!


Eagle on fitting ?

We don’t have any eagle fits at this moment, but we’re slowly expanding. However it’s a higher SP ship and so not quite the target audience for the Academy.

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I may have missed it, but are any of these available yet in other languages, or English only for now?

Or the EVE Academy website itself? Found the language changer for the website.


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The Academy website is localized into all of our supported languages :slight_smile:

The video vocals are in English but I believe they have subtitles available for other languages.


Great info, definitely a good addition to the Agency. Having the ability to drag them into chat will be very helpful.

I didn’t know this option was available, thanks for posting this info.


I mean the thumbs. These you can adjust in you tube , just small aesthetic detail . People look at pics before they read the title . Attractive , different thumbs fits the context gets more click and attention

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