Resources for the New Citizen!

Greetings Capsuleer and Welcome to the EVE New Citizens Q&A forum section!
Please use the #new-citizens sub forum to ask, or answer, questions about the game.


Here is some Information that can be useful to start with, as a new Citizen of New Eden:

To begin, make sure you get familiar with EVE. When you create a new character, you’ll be in our new Tutorial, we highly recommend you complete it. If you want to give us feedback on the new tutorial you can do so here.

The Eve Flight Academy
Is a collection of informational and instructional videos from CCP. They cover many aspects of Eve Online. Check out the Flight Academies YouTube channel for more information.

Here is a few videos to get you going.

Player Made Resources
Our community is what makes Eve special. Many players spend their time making resources for others. These resources can be found anywhere including our forums, YouTube, and player fansites.

Forum Guides (Player Made)
Third Party Websites
Third Party Videos
Third Party Applications

Developer Blogs
Dev Blogs are always worth the read. Use them to get the newest information straight from the Dev team. You can find the latest Dev Blog here #eve-information-portal:dev-blogs. For now check out this blog from CCP Falcon: Calling All New Players!

Game Support
New pilots have access to the Rookie Help chat channel for 30 Days, use this channel to ask players game play related questions. At any stage of your Eve career you will have access to our English Help channel, and official language Channels as well.

When you’re in our help channels, keep an eye out for our ISD STAR player volunteers who are there to answer your game play related questions.

Should your issue be more complicated you can file a support ticket here or consult our knowledge base articles here.

If you have an article or player resource you think we could add to this post contact a member of the Community Communications Liaison team.

Good Luck and fly safe o7


Adding another potentially valuable resource for a certain persuasion of New Citizen:

The EVE Backstory and Lore has a broad and dedicated base of invested players, and with over 15 years of development and story, there’s a lot to take an interest in. I subscribed to EVE because of my love for its universe, and there are many potential players who might do so for the same reason.

If you’re interested in taking a look, the EVE Community site has a full index of most of the game’s Backstory, chronicles, and the like. Take a look at it here.

There’s also a well-filled player lore and backstory Wiki, where not only the official fiction is listed, but players can add their own bits of (unofficial) character backstory and ideas. You can find the Backstage Wiki here.


Regarding the lore you can also find audio recordings of many of the chronicles here.

And thank you for adding the “How to find a corp” guide, much appreciated!


YouTube - Biggest collection of Eve Online tutorials, been doing them for three years, 2018’s guide is now being released as well

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